Are You the Friend Who Is ‘Always Late’? Here’s How to Break the Bad Habit

*Hey, I feel you girl. You got stuff to do, who can expect you to do it all and be on time? What with making sure you moisturize that body until it gleams. Then you’ve got to put on the right amount of smell-good…especially in those places where it matters most. 

Then there’s hair to tighten, straighten, put on, curl just right, or just finger- comb. Either way, its gotta be tight!

Oh god: Makeup. Can we talk? If it’s not the hair, then its the makeup that takes up most of our time. Finally, what to wear? Do these shoes match that outfit? Do they hurt my heels or my arch or my pinky-toe?

Which pain can I take today?

People just don’t know what women go through just to get out of the door…on time! 

But here’s the thing girlfriend… Your friends who have mastered the art of time (and yes, some have!) have had enough of you always being late, but they don’t want to ruffle any feathers so, instead of saying something to you they’ve just slowed their roll on inviting you to stuff. At least to things where time matters i.e. riding together, meeting at Will Call for tickets, etc.

Where is she?

I believe what eventually worked for me was something a mentor taught me some time ago. To have respect for time: My time and other peoples’ time. He said that meetings must begin and end on time; and that people will respect you for it. When I became an executive, I found that lesson worked more often than not.

But also, I was really sick and tired of the old saying that Black folk are ALWAYS late (wonder where that came from?) and made a personal decision to change this in me. I’ll admit, I’m nowhere near perfect and still only human, but I must admit, I’m much better than I once was!

Bottom line here is: you want your friend to trust you again! But you’re too proud to reach out.

So we got you!

Check out (and try) these strategies to help you get better at being on time!

THE PLAN: Instead of focusing on what time you have to be there, focus on what time you have to leave home.

Put on your “nothing is going to get in my way” cap and set your alarm to leave home at a specific time…and stick to it, no matter what! You have taken into account (the day before, NOT the day of) how much time you need to handle your daily routine (housework, the kids, your mate, your business); Prepping for the event: getting dressed (including hair and makeup). And don’t forget about traffic! We’ve all seen people driving like maniacs on the freeway. THEY didn’t leave on time (and may not get there at all!) Look at you NOT being one of them! You left on time and now you can just cruise.

THE MOTIVATION: Put your pride in the right place. Instead of letting it affect your friendships, take pride in your ability to change bad habits. Give those you say you ‘can’t’ a run for their money! Be the example to those who look up to you. Now you can turn around and teach them the same.

Girl, you got this! The one thing that motivates most women is when someone tells them they CAN’T do something. Ooh baby. It is SO on! Haters beware! Watch how this one seemingly small change in your behavior makes a huge change in your stress levels and life in general. 



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