Florida Family Finds 7-Foot Alligator Swimming In Their Pool

*I love an early morning dip in the swimming pool, and I’ve been known to take the occasional late night skinny dip.  After reading this story, you can bet that I’ll be flipping on a light before I jump into any pool!  

A Florida family’s plans for a Memorial Day swim were postponed when they found a 7-foot alligator swimming in the pool!  

“Luckily, these homeowners took a second look this morning before jumping in to kick off their Memorial Day,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post.

According the post, the first responder arrived at the home and found the “healthy” alligator hanging out in the pool.   Officials called a trapper who got the ‘gator out and relocated it to a “more appropriate” area.

“More appropriate area.”  I love diplomatic phrases like that.  I’d have loved to hear that 911 call:  “Hello!  There’s an f-ing alligator in my pool!”  

I ran across a couple of geckos in a swimming pool last year and almost lost it.  I can’t imagine what my reaction would have been to a 7-foot alligator in it!

The sheriff’s office later shared video of the alligator being escorted from the pool.  Check in out!  

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