Walmart Workers Share Some Crazy Customer Stories

*Can you blame them? Workers at retail stores and restaurants, I mean. No doubt they hear some of the craziest mess, what with us trying to return stuff we’ve already worn, or trying to pull one over on them about the price of something. Not that I have EVER done any of these things, but I’ve heard…

But we’re not talking about me here. I ran across this little ditty and couldn’t help but share it. Stories told to Cosmopolitan by employees at Walmart. I cracked up upon hearing some of the stories.

You will too.

Picture this, will ya.

There was a man using the hose we use to water our plants showering naked in the parking lot. He had put up a sheet to block one side, but people could still see everything. When the manager told him to leave, he acted like there was nothing weird about it. He was extremely nonchalant, like he did this all the time, and he just packed up his sheet, got in his car and left.

Now here I was thinking it was a homeless man, until she said he got in his car and left! Then again, he may LIVE in his car and maybe the library wasn’t open yet. Good lord!

Here’s another…

I was working register around 11:30 at night. I gave a lady her change and she threw it on the floor. I ask her why she threw it on the floor, and she told me she wanted any children in the store to pick it up. I told her that there are no children around because it?s so late, and that maintenance would clean it up anyways. She told me to leave it on the ground.

Well that’s actually kind of sweet…in a weird sort of way. I’ll just stop there.

How about this one.

A woman came to guest services saying she wanted to return a basket because it was haunted. I asked her what she meant, and she said her boyfriend took a picture of it and there was electrical frequency surrounding it and she couldn?t keep it in her house. She had the receipt so she was able to return it, but I still don?t understand how a basket could be haunted.

Me either.


I was working at the service desk and a woman rushes up and says she needs to talk to my manager. I sometimes can fix the problem, so I asked her what she needed help with. Then she started yelling at me at the top of her lungs saying that the bathroom was closed and she peed on herself because it was closed. I explained that there was another bathroom in a different part of the store that was open. In the middle of me explaining that, she runs out of the store before I could get my manager, and I never saw her again.

Seriously? At the “top of her lungs?” No doubt she attracted an audience before she left. You may be able to find photos online.

When I first started as a cashier, I was always at the register near one of the bathrooms. People would always come to me and tell me that maintenance needed to go to the bathroom, because someone wrote on the wall in poop. It weirdly was a semi-regular occurrence. I?m not sure if it was one person coming back or multiple people, but it stopped after a few months.

Ugh!!! Just ugh!!!!!

There’s more, but you’ll have to go here to see them! 


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