Watch: ‘Woke White People’ Carry A Heavy Burden (Man Speaks of His Personal Embarrassment)

*I must admit, as a self-proclaimed deep thinker, I often wonder is there anything at all woke white people can do to help heal all the damage of their forefathers. Anything that may would be appreciated, at least, and not labeled “suspect.” As someone who has traveled, broke bread with people of just about every culture and religion, and hold dear friends of the same, my heart goes out to the many who continue to carry burdens placed on them, in spite of their beliefs against it. I have this tendency to personalize everything. Its my own strategy when I am attempting to understand something, or empathize with something; whether I am in agreement with it or not because dang, if I only paid attention to things I agree with, I’d still be  as shallow as I was in my youth.

But I do find myself getting frustrated when I suffer because of someone else’s crap; say, now no one is able to have access to something because one fool f**ked it up for us all! 

You may have seen the video below already, but I swear, some things bear repeating — if for no other reason than to serve as a reminder that not all white folk is ignorant, racist and prejudiced.

In this 2012 YouTube video, viewed 55K times, one woke person of the Caucasian persuasion decides to voice his frustration on the topic saying, “America will suffer because of what we did to Black people…and so much more.

“It is an embarrassment to be a white person in 2012 with all the horrible racism going on, with white people” the man begins. Then photos, video bits and social media posts of headlines and articles we may have seen or heard of in the media flash across the screen.

“I can’t even go on any websites, chat sites, anything, without seeing some racist redneck idiot. I mean there’s a lot of good hillbillies, their just brainwashed into hating Black people,” he says, as a picture of a dancing hillbilly man followed one of “Mama June,” before she lost weight appears.

The unidentified white man in the video begins to talk about his own upbringing. He says he went to a predominantly Black high school where there were “several racists” and that he could “understand why they were racist, they had every right to be.” Of course the side note here would be a ‘technicality’ in that this white man doesn’t realize that Black folk can be prejudiced, but not racist, as that takes a certain position in a dichotomy — a position that Black folk never held.

But back to the video…

The man says his schoolmates “took me in and treated me as one of their own.” He goes on to state he couldn’t imagine it ever being the other way around.

I guess it takes a person with such a background to have the backbone to put such a talk on tape. It’s 13:42 minutes long. I won’t spoil it by saying anymore. Interested parties will click below and watch.

Thanks to Black Time Travel for bringing the video to our attention.

Watch it below, form your own conclusions, and let us know what you think…in a progressive kinda way.

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