Bresha Meadows, Teen Who Killed Abusive Dad, Accepts Plea Deal

*“Today is a good day!” Those were the words spoken by a smiling Bresha Meadows, the teen who, at 14-years-of age was sentenced to a detention center for killing her abusive dad. Meadows has been incarcerated for the past ten months. She smiled yesterday as she left her court hearing and hugged her family, friends and attorneys saying she is happy with the plea deal she accepted.

The Root asked Brad S. Wolfe, one of several attorneys representing the teen, what made her accept the plea deal? ?It was an obvious and easy decision as it allows her to reintegrate into life,? Wolfe responded. Faced with the possibility of serving life without parole at first, Wolfe said, ?Bresha?s family and the entire defense team is elated and relieved with this resolution. This young lady just got her life back.?

ThisNthat first wrote about Bresha last year. You may recall, the teen killed the father she said had abused her, her siblings, and their mother repeatedly. She shot him as he slept on the couch, with his own gun.

At the time, her mother, Brandi, hailed her as “my hero!”

As the news broke of Bresha being arrested, supporters came out in mass to raise money for the girl, and a #FreeBresha movement was started on her behalf, to urge authorities towards leniency on her.

?She smiled today, and for the first time you really felt that smile was genuine. She started to talk about her future for the first time,? attorney Ian Friedman told NBC News. ?And she?s pleased to know that her case may help other kids in her same situation.?

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