White Woman Paddling Black Boy in Public Causes Outrage on Social Media (Watch)

white woman paddles kid

*Abuse shown towards ANY child is enough to make you mad as hell; but let’s keep it real, seeing a white woman laying a wooden paddle to the behind of a 10-year-old Black boy is going to raise more than a little hell.

And hell it has raised. To the tune of more than 70,00  views and growing in a very short period of time.

Thanks to the quick efforts of a concerned citizen sitting in her car, a video was taken and uploaded to social media. The video was obviously started late based on the comments that the woman shooting it makes. Her remarks as she appears to be speaking with someone either in the car with her, or she is speaking to the camera, makes us think that the woman has been hitting the child for a while before she gives him one last hit and he falls to the ground. She then throws the paddle into the jeep.

woman paddles kid, falls

We later learn the woman shooting the video is named Shannon Holmes, and that the beating happened in the parking lot of a Golden Corral restaurant. In speaking exclusively with ABC News Homes, who also wrote down the woman’s license plate number, told a reporter…

?In my head I?m just thinking, like, ?this can?t be real. This is something you see on TV. This is not something that you necessarily see in person, let alone in daylight in a very public place.? 

?You could see the fear in his eyes, like this isn?t his first time going through this. So, once he turned around again, she swatted him again. She hit him again, then she threw the board in her vehicle, and they went right back into the restaurant like nothing ever happened,? Holmes said.

?My first instinct was to get out of the car, but I thought to myself, ?if I get out of the car and interrupt, and she did this in public, he?s probably going to get it ten times worse when he gets home.’?

In the second of the two videos below, a reporter shows the video to people on the street. All of them, white and Black, are against the woman’s actions. 

It is obvious that the woman and child are together, but no one has addressed what the relationship is. One person in the video alluded to the possibility of her being a “caregiver,” but that could stand to mean stepmother, childcare provider, anything…

The shame of all of this is that the police have concluded no charges will be filed against the woman.

One can’t help but think if that same decision would come to pass if a Black adult was seen paddling a white kid.

Yeah. I said it!

WATCH: The first video below shows the beating, and the second, the aftermath.


UPDATE: Earlier in the day, the Department of Children and Family Services had said they were working with police on an “open investigation” regarding the case. But as the afternoon fell, the Pensacola Police Department released a statement saying the woman would not be charged because there was no criminal act committed.

Take a look at the CW55 video on this directly below.

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  1. This is Sooo wrong She needs to be punished and the child needs to be removed from her care

  2. Dum ass sitting in the car record in stead of getting of there fat ass to help putting it up on yutube more inportant

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