‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Teen Shows Up to Prom in a Hearse (Watch)

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*Teenagers, you’ve gotta love ’em right? Think back, remember all of the crazy stuff we used to do as we tried to find our identity? Or just plain get attention? I put a gray streak in my hair, wore clothing from different cultures (my favorite being Indian), put a ring in my nose and two in one earlobe. Now, go figure — all of these things are the norm.

But this teen has got us all beat. She chose to show up to prom not in a badass dress; not wearing some outlandish hairpiece; not even on the arm of the hottest guy in school (like I did!). She showed up solo…IN A COFFIN…and you can only guess what her mode of transportation was right?

I’ll give you a sec.

You got it, a hearse.

Now, let’s go back for a minute. ‘Memba I said I put gray dye in my hair in my teen years? Now I make sure I don’t run out of dye to cover that gray! I still love clothes from other cultures, but my mood inspires when I wear them. My point is, nothing I did was permanent. Death is.

Kind of. Spiritual perspectives aside.

Now fortunately for 17-year-old Megan Flaherty, she is very much alive. But truly, would you choose to “tempt fate” in this way? Hey, I’m the same person who recently referenced the article about a man saying he’d “rather die” than vote for either of the last two serious presidential candidates.

You do recall how THAT turned out right?

As you will see in the video below, when the door to that hearse was opened, and Flaherty stepped out of that coffin, you could hear the screams and gasps, “No she didn’t!”

Some even say the girl was drop dead gorgeous!

Of course NJ.com had to ask what inspired the entrance, to which Megan responded, “I like being different.”

Attention-getting tactics aside, this teen was also paying homage to her potential future career in the funeral business. A family friend owns a funeral home and Megan helps out doing odd jobs sometimes.

Needless to say, this is one prom conversation that won’t die anytime soon.

Watch the video below.

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