Wow! This Florida Gator Bit Into The WRONG 10-Year-Old! She Show’d ‘Em Who’s Boss! (Watch)


*No, don’t worry. I’m not going to show you some kid wrestling with an alligator. It’s not THAT slow of a news day! But I’d like to give big props to the water park that taught this 10-year-old how to survive if she was ever caught in the jaws of an alligator, and I’d like to give her a “Good job!” badge for listening and remembering to use the lesson!

The little girl was said to be wadding in a designated swimming area at Moss Park along Lake Mary Jane in Orlando. She was in only 2-feet of water when she was attacked by an 8-foot-9-inch gator. In an ABC News video here, you hear emergency workers transmitting information saying that the girl’s leg was bitten, but that it is “still attached and the alligator is still” circulating nearby.

For the life of me I don’t know why people even bother to continue swimming in any of Florida’s lakes. Who on this earth has not heard that alligators have had a lifelong relationship with the waters in Florida? Last I checked, and it was several years ago, when I visited the Florida Nature and Culture Center run by the SGI-USA; there were warning signs everywhere that an alligator lives in the lake on the grounds.

That was ALL I needed to hear.

This little princess was able to use her learning and punch the alligator in the nose. When that didn’t work, she poked him in the nostrils then opened his bottom jaw and he released her foot.

This child was like, not today buddy!

I am SO glad that this story turned out well. The gator was located and euthanized; the parents of the child took her to the hospital and although she suffered lacerations, she is OK (albeit most likely traumatized) and has been released. The park has closed just to make sure there is no more danger.

Take a look at the CBS News video below, and if you or your family live in or think about visiting the Florida area, I hope you think twice before taking a dip in any of its lakes.

Just sayin’.



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