This One Ate Fish Every Day For A Year, To Test Health Benefits. Here’s What Happened


*Pescatarians are a proud bunch.  They love to espouse the benefits of eschewing red meat, pork, and even poultry, with their judgement-filled gazes, and talk about how much better they feel and how much weight they lost eating fish.  One of my editors even talked about the benefits of eating fish when I pitched this story to her.

I say let he who is without sin pass the ketchup for the fries that go really well with my bacon double cheeseburger.

Author and New York Times contributor Paul Greenberg set out to test the health benefits of a fish-heavy diet for his new documentary The Fish On My Plate.  He was particularly interested in the impact of fish’s rich omega-3 content in addressing health issues like cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, and sleep quality.  In his search for truth, he ate fish and only fish every day for a year.

Wanna take a guess on what happened?  What do you think Greenberg enjoyed?  Weight loss?  Lower blood pressure?  Lower cholesterol?

In a word:  nope.  In fact, his blood pressure went up!  He even says that the increase in mercury in his diet slowed his thinking and caused memory loss!

“If you’re only thinking about omega-3s the jury is out,” Greenburg said.

Thank you, Mr. Greenberg.  I’ll get back to my Whopper now, with generous slices of cheese and bacon.  

This blog was written by freelancer Michael P Coleman.  Follow him on Twitter.  

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