Former FBI Employee ‘Mistakenly’ Marries Isis Terrorist, Then Realizes Her ‘Oops!’

Daniela Green married Isis Terrorist

*Talk about a major oops! A woman named Daniela Greene, a former FBI employee, left the states to marry a rapper boyfriend, but soon learned differently. Now she has returned to the states and is in hiding after accidentally marrying an Isis terrorist.

Word is she didn’t know about the “terrorist” part. But when she did realize her mistake, she went into motion to fix it.

Thing is, this woman was married already. But wait, I’m getting way ahead of myself.

According to Yahoo World News, Daniela Greene traveled to Syria where she was wed to German national Denis Cuspert. But she knew this man as a rapper who used the moniker Deso Dog in his homeland, before changing his name to Abu Talha al-Almani in Syria.

Videos featuring the one time musician ? whose primary role is to attract Germans to the terror group ? show him on bloody battle fields and threatening former President Barack Obama.

Talk about an Uh-oh moment!

One month later Greene is said to have realized her mistake and started proceedings to return home to the states, this according to CNN.


Federal court docs show that Greene got close to Cuspert by using Skype. Then she lied to her then employer, the FBI, and sought time off to travel to Syria to be with him.

By the time she realized what happened, all she could do was own up to it, and return home to the states; where she has been sentenced to prison for a period of two years.

That was quick. Guess that’s one of the “benefits” of being an FBI employee.

?It’s a stunning embarrassment for the FBI, no doubt about it,? John Kirby, a former State Department official told CNN. He said most westerners trying to go to an Isis region in Syria risk ?getting their heads cut off. So for her to be able to get in as an American, as a woman, as an FBI employee and to be able to take up residence with a known ISIS leader, that all had to be coordinated.?

 Greene’s story was kept under wraps after she returned from Syria, until the government felt it was safe to reveal publicly. She even had an American husband at the time of her departure. She told him, upon leaving, that she was going to visit family in Germany.

Now question for you: Is anyone else stuck here, as to why a married woman would travel to a foreign country to, of all things, marry someone else?

Help me, please.

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