Texas School Forces Kid to Alter Neat And Cool Haircut (Watch)

sixth grade participation

*Oh me! Pick me! I know the answer! This should be the atmosphere in a sixth grade classroom. Children raising their hands in anticipation of having the right answer. But apparently, I’m living in a dream world. Sometimes it seems people hired to educate our children get it twisted. We send our kids to school to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic basically; and we’d appreciate if they through some history in there — as long as its not re-created.

Yet one school in Texas seems to be getting their shorts in a knot based on a sixth-grade boy’s haircut. They actually threatened to give the kid an in-school suspension if the cut goes unaltered.

What the heck? What kind of cut is this that’s causing such a stir you ask?

This one.

boys haircur a problem at school

I can read your mind. Where’s the problem, again?

By any visual account this kid’s cut is neat, tidy, and yeah, kinda cool. But his teacher took issue with the two lines. Xavier Davis, the boy wearing the cut, spoke to Click2Houston and said he doesn’t think its fair that he has to change it.

?I was walking into class, and she saw my hair and said, ?You can?t have two lines in your hair. Go to the office.’?

Xavier did as ordered and went to the school’s office. There he was told he had to “fix the haircut by Monday.”

?I don?t think it?s fair,? Xavier said.

Neither does Xavier’s family. According to his dad, Matt Davis.

?He?s had his hair cut like this for six months and now all of a sudden it?s a problem?? 

But even a single day of suspension was enough for Xavier. His mom came to the rescue and now a new school-approved single line has been created.

?She took a Sharpie permanent marker and colored the bottom of his hair in, so in order for him to get an education, we have to treat his hair like a coloring book, I guess,? said his father, Matt.

According to the school district’s Dress Code, listed in the code of conduct:

?Letters, symbols, and designs beyond a single straight line which draw attention to an individual shall not be permitted. The administrator/supervisor reserves the right to determine if a hairstyle is disruptive to the educational process.?


After he controlled his hysterical laughter, I’m assuming this had to be his first response, Matt Davis said.

?I don?t know if having one line or two is a distraction to learning, it?s not a distraction to me. It?s nonsense. We send him here to get an education. We send him here to learn. It?s not about his haircut.?

Watch the video on this absurd incident below.

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