Dozens of Juveniles ‘Take Over’ Oakland BART Train, Rob Riders


*Just as the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system works to install more security cameras on its trains, a group of juveniles decided to make it an opportunity to unite and rob unsuspecting riders. The incident occurred last Saturday.

According to Yahoo News, spokeswoman Alicia Trost told Business Insider at least seven robberies took place when suspects, who police believe were several dozen juveniles, dashed on and off the train at the Oakland Coliseum station. Some suspects allegedly held the doors while some train cars were being robbed, police said.

Even though police say no weapons were used, several people still got hurt. With dozens of juveniles reportedly being suspected, seven robberies seems to be rather minuscule, but it is what police are allegedly reporting. Among the stolen items is a purse and half a dozen cellphones.

Probably an easy grab as people were undoubtedly holding them and with things happening so fast, never knew what hit ’em, so to speak.

They also say six of the robberies took place on the train, and one on the train’s platform.

No suspects have yet to be apprehended. Police say they all scattered before they could get control of the situation.


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