Six Reasons To Spend More Time Naked…As If I Needed Six


*The Huffington Post recently ran a story outlining the six reasons to spend more time naked.  “No matter your age, marital status, or gender,” they wrote, “it’s still a good idea to spend more time naked.”

Amen to that, I said, and plowed into that article.

However, although they wrote that gender wasn’t an issue, it became clear really quickly that the article was very heavily focused on women, and I felt very strongly that we can’t leave the guys out of this!  So, in the spirit of community service, I’ll give you their reasons for being naked more, and give you the male “take” — or at least the straight / bi male take — on each reason.

  1.  To Become More Comfortable With Your Body

HuffPost writes “Many women struggle with body image issues especially after having children.”  (I TOLD you the piece focused on women!) They go on to say that getting comfy with your naked body, and just looking at it more will help ladies build self-esteem.

This is true for guys, too, and men like women who are more comfortable with their bodies.

2.  To Encourage Breastfeeding

Although some of us look like we could, most men don’t breastfeed.  This one is clearly aimed at women — and a subset of them at that, since some women opt to never have children and thus would never breastfeed. HuffPost writes that letting your breasts air-dry after nursing a baby can help cracked nipples heal.

We men will take their word for it.  Most of us don’t want to even think about you with cracked nipples, so please take care of that, will ya?

3.  To Encourage Intimacy

Now we’re getting down to business!

HuffPost writes “If you’re partnered or married, spending more time in the buff can naturally encourage more intimacy. While there may be something to be said for keeping an air of mystery in the bedroom, there’s also something to be said for snuggling under the covers skin-to-skin.”

Amen.  The guys are all for that!


4.  To Promote Vaginal Health

This one’s close to the breastfeeding one for the bruthas…but not quite.

HuffPost writes “Going panty-less under a dress or at night can your help vagina’s pH balance itself out naturally and let your skin breathe…”

Generally speaking, we like a lady panty-less under a dress.  And trust me:  your male partner will appreciate a healthy, regularly and well-aired vagina.  Prioritize this, please.  Any vagina that’s less than well-aired may prompt erectile dysfunction and regurgitation

5.  To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

HuffPost claims that sleeping naked allows your body temperature to drop causing you to sleep better, AND boost your body’s ability to burn fat and increase metabolism.

On behalf of men everywhere, we sleep much better after we’ve had some, and you sleeping naked increases our chances of hitting it.  And women with higher, fat-burning metabolisms are all the rage with most of us.  Seriously.  So go for it.

6.  To Be Happier

HuffPost cites a study that found that by spending more time naked, an individual can increase their body image, self-esteem, and life satisfaction, and will hence be happier.

We men are happier when you’re happier, and if you get naked more we’ll be REALLY happy.

If you don’t me here, please see #5 above.

So it’s all settled:  strip, ladies.  STRIP!  And since we’re susceptible to peer pressure, we men will get naked, too.  We’re here to serve.  And if your guy wonders why aloud about why you’re naked, just tell him TNT said it was the way to go.  


This blog was written in the buff by freelancer Michael P Coleman.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @ColemanMichaelP  

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