Domestic Abuse Survivor Marries First Responder Who Saved Her Life


*I grew up in a family that was scarred by domestic abuse, so this story hit home.  It also literally renewed my spirit and faith.  Read it, and you’ll feel it, too.

Melisa Dohme was stabbed 32 times in the face, neck, and arms by her ex-boyfriend back in 2012.  When emergency worker Cameron Hill came to her aid, she was so covered in blood that he couldn’t discern her facial features or the color of her hair.

Hill jumped into action, carrying her from an ambulance to a helicopter for the first of a series of life-saving surgeries and procedures.  She survived, and ultimately made a full recovery.


Hill reconnected with Dohme 10 months later at a luncheon in her honor.

“I didn’t even want to open my heart up to anything,” Dohme said. “I was afraid, but then I met Cameron.”

The connection was mutual, and after four years of dating, the couple got married a few weeks ago. 

“It was a full circle moment,” Dohme said.  “I spent the worst and the best day of my life with Cameron.”


“It was beautiful,” Hill said.  “I married the girl of my dreams.  Her strength was unbelievable.  That was the first thing I fell in love with.”

“It’s unbelievable where my life’s come from and where I am now,” Dahme said.  “For so long, I felt when looking at myself, that I wasn’t myself and I always had something wrong with me.  I didn’t want people to always have to give me sympathy.”


“Cameron was so great, he would always just be there for me…in every way, even if I was really upset or had a really rough day.  He’s my best friend, we’ve been such a team through [my healing].  I wouldn’t want to be with anybody else!  Life and love after abuse is possible.”

In case you’re wondering, Dahme is planning to write a book and is dedicating the rest of her life to advocating for other domestic abuse survivors.  And the cowardly, abusive ex-boyfriend who stabbed her 32 times?  He’s serving a life sentence.  

Sometimes, stories really do turn out like they’re supposed to.  Sometimes, folks actually live happily ever after.  All the best to this happy couple!



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