Weird Freak Accidents You Just Can’t Un-know

Bell Ringer

*I’m in a strange mood. Happens after you’ve been working nearly twelve hours straight. It all started…no, I won’t bore you with the shenanigans of my life. Suffice it to say, the longer I worked, the more paranoid I became about safety. I kept saying, “Be careful. Don’t do anything stupid!

Like these people did…

Scroll down to learn about some really freaky accidents.

Told you I’m in a weird mood. You’ve been warned. 

Bell Ringer

The Bell Ringer and those Ropes…

Now let me just tell you up front. Ian Bowman, a Bell Ringer, didn’t die. He did, however, end up with a fractured back bone.

You’ve been in (or at least seen) a Cathedral right. The ones with those huge ceilings and loud bells ringing. I remember being a kid in the Bronx and hearing those bells throughout our neighborhood. Well somebody was ringing those bells. Generally some little man standing at the foot of some heavy ropes with approximately 16 humongous bells up high…pulling them to make the bells ring.

Well this unfortunate man somehow got one of those ropes wrapped around his foot, and was hoisted upside down.

I’ll give you a minute to picture it.

The 51 year old Brown went up a couple of feet in the air by the bell rope before hitting the marble floor of the church bell tower. He said, ?There were 20 of us there ringing. The rope went around my ankle, and it took me from standing to upside down in seconds.? He was eventually brought down from the bell tower to the church floor on a spinal board by firefighters.

The cathedral’s bell tower contains 16 bells, including a Bourdon bell. Together they weigh 16 tons and are the fifth heaviest ringers in the world. 

The Doorman and the New York Snow…

Doorman, freak accident

There is nothing funny about this one. All-weather jobs are hard as heck, and 59-year-old Miguel Gonzalez braved the New York snow in his position as doorman. One day he was clearing snow from the stairs leading from the sidewalk to the basement lobby entrance of 333 East 93rd St. He slipped and tumbled down the stairs.

And man, this here is the freak part: His throat was slit as his head crashed through the door. He suffered deep cuts to his neck and face and was rushed to Metropolitan Hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds.

What are the freakin’ odds something like THIS would happen. After all, people slip in the snow all the time!

The Dog Walker and those Damn Stairs…

Dog, feark accidents, man fell while walking them downstairs

OK this story really hits home. I am always yelling at my dogs to stop walking right up under me for fear they will make me fall. Also, I have a friend who just signed up to be a dog walker.


A man named Christian Dallet, 58, was hired to walk two dogs but fell down the stairs of the second floor apartment, to his death. No one knows how it happened, but they suspect either he lost control of the animals somehow and was pushed or somehow lost his footing and fell. Source

The Chihuahua and the Strong Wind…

chihuahua blown away by wind

I used to take my bird to work with me. Well this family just wanted to set up a booth at the flea market to, you know, get rid of some stuff. They decided to take their 6-lb. chihuahua. Damn weather! As it turns out, it got real, real windy. That darn wind picked that doggie up and carried it away like it was some kind of feather!

The Skunk and the Peanut Butter Jar…

Yes, I’ve had a rather interesting life. I once had to throw away a favorite pair of jeans because I had worked so hard to save a skunk. 


The skunk in this story was hungry too. And because they can’t resist food, he got his head stuck in the peanut butter jar.

“I deliver the Tulsa World in this area and I was throwing a newspaper here at the Community Centre and I just happened to come upon a skunk with the jar already on its head at about 5:30 this morning,” Teresa Vick said.

Vick called a Skunk Whisperer named Ned Bruha, who used a rag soaked in chloroform to mildly sedate the skunk before pulling the jar off its head.

I’m jealous, Ned wasn’t even sprayed. The skunk just seemed happy to be free once more, and ran off unharmed.

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