Picture Getting Clearer In Monday’s San Bernardino Elementary School Murder-Suicide (See Footage)

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*OMG. You may be one of the people who watched in horror on Monday as parents, teachers, school officials, media and others stood outside of an elementary school in San Bernardino. A gunman inside had opened fire, and all we were being told was that “two adults were confirmed dead and the gunman “was down?”

The media scurried as frightened parents outside wondered exactly what “down” meant. Dead? Injured? What?


Now, as details begin to trickle in, we learn the identity of the people involved, the victims and the gunman — an estranged husband who opened fire in the classroom of his wife, killing her, and one of her young students, before finally turning the gun on himself.

 Cedric Anderson is reportedly the name of the suspect and according to NBC News, he didn’t say a word upon entering Karen Smith, his estranged wife’s classroom, fatally shooting her.


Two students in Smith’s special needs class at North Park School were standing behind her. They also suffered gun shot wounds. One of them, 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez, died later at a nearby hospital, according to what Police Chief Jarrod Burguan told reporters. The other student, an unidentified 9-year-old, is still hospitalized in stable condition as of Monday afternoon.

According to Burguan, the husband and wife, both 53, had been separated. At a news conference, Police Capt. Ron Maass said he doesn’t believe the 15 students in the classroom were specifically targeted.

NBC News reports Maass as saying…

…”there was no indication the gun was visible upon his arrival at the school,” referring to the gunman. Anderson had told the school he had come to drop something off for Smith, Burguan said.

Parents do this all the time. How could this have been avoided…unless they searched the man justified by some outwardly erratic behavior??

Now authorities are investigating Anderson’s criminal background, which includes domestic violence and weapons charges. A .357 revolver was found next to his body. Anderson is believed to have fired six rounds before reloading, according to Burguan, who says Anderson opened fire “very, very quickly upon entering the classroom,” around 10:30 a.m. local time. A short time later, police reported the “current threat at North Park ES has been neutralized.”

According to one neighbor, who said she first suspected something was wrong when she saw helicopters circling above…

“I realized there were two, and I looked outside and the kids were being evacuated up our street,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

See the raw footage below and read more at NBC News.



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