Teen Takes BFF (With Cerebral Palsey) To Prom, Says ‘She Wore Me Out’ On Dance Floor

Teen takes BFF to prom

*There is nothing like a BFF! They are there for you through thick and thin! One such pair comes along just in time for prom. Tahj Oliver and Evelyn Araujo met during their sophomore year at East Oswego High School in Illinois. 

Just one “Hi” from Oliver sent Araujo into a smile that he says lasted all day long. The two hit it off immediately and became inseparable.

Araujo has cerebral palsy and gets around in a wheel chair; but that didn’t stop her BFF from wanting to take her to the school’s special needs prom.

Just look at Oliver’s  ?prom-posal? below. 

?I asked her. She was so surprised and super happy,? said Oliver. 

prom tweet

As a relative of family members with special needs, this young man knows the value of the small things.

?I went to her house and I brought her flowers and I put on her corsage. We drove to the prom together,? Oliver said. 

Oliver said they danced all night at the masquerade-theme bash on April 2 adding… 

?She wore me out on the dance floor.?

Selene Araujo, Evelyn’s mom, was so justifiably emotional about the whole thing tweeting, “God bless this young man he invited her to prom and dance all night they had so much fun”

She put a video of them on her Twitter page. Watch here as the teens dance to their favorite slow songs.

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