This Teen Hasn’t Cut Her Nails In…Yikes…Three Years!

Credit: Instagram | @simone_christina_
Credit: Instagram | @simone_christina_

*For the record, I am typing this with nicely manicured nails. They actually hurt if I allow them to grow too long, so I keep them short…not nub short, but attractive, polished short. But enough about me. My hands are nowhere near as interesting as those belonging to a teen named Simone Taylor — whose six-inch, curved finger nails have been growing since 2014.

The 16-year-old even has photos to prove it.

Taylor has since had to relearn several things, including typing.

?I have exams at the moment, and it?s hard to write,? Taylor said in an interview. ?After one hour of writing, my hands really hurt. On the computer, I have to type using my knuckles.?


Taylor says it was a YouTube video on nail painting that initially inspired her to grow her nails.

?It wasn?t my intention to grow them so long, but as they grew, so did the amount of compliments, and they became more and more a part of me,? said Taylor. ?During my first year, I always thought to myself, ?I?m gonna cut them tomorrow,? but I never did.?

Credit: Instagram | @simone_christina_
Credit: Instagram | @simone_christina_

What teen doesn’t like attention? Taylor has since won all kinds of online competitions which continue to inspire her.

?? I?ve always felt good about my long nails and will never cut them off, despite the negative comments,? she says.

Credit: Instagram | @simone_christina_
Credit: Instagram | @simone_christina_



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