Woman’s Pet Snake Gets Stuck in Her…WHAT? (Watch)


*You’ve seen those people, usually rockers, who have those super-huge holes in their earlobes, right? Personally, I think its disgusting; but its just that, a personal preference.

I mean, its so BIG. 

Which brings me to the incredible nature of this story. A woman in Portland, Ashley, was playing with her pet snake “Bart.” Actually she was trying to take a selfie with it. She was showing it off to the camera and everything. Then the most ridiculous thing happened…

The snake slithered into that big gaping hole in her ear…AND GOT STUCK!

“I kind of went into shock,” Ashley tells NBC News, and said she feared the snake would split her earlobe in half. Although firefighters rushed over to her house, there was nothing they could do.


Ashley had to be rushed to the hospital.

This is something you’re going to have to see for yourself. I know snakes are yukky and everything, but the snake is just there, Ashley, and all of her piercings and tats, is the one you’ll be tuned in to.

Watch the NBC News video below.

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