Female Uber Driver Finds Out Passenger Is Cheating Boyfriend’s ‘Side Chick’

Bree, courtesy Twitter

*This address looks very familiar. Wait…is this? Nah…That (or something similar) was most likely the thought process sista gurl [sic] went through as she looked at the GPS address that she was taking the sista in the back seat of her Uber to. 

Along the way the two women probably got into friendly conversation, as many Uber drivers and their passengers do, with Bree, the driver, probing deeper for answers — unknowingly, from her passenger.

Whoa, if ever I wished I could have been a fly on THAT window as she rolled up to her boyfriend’s spot, with him outside waiting to help his side chick with her luggage…and saw his woman as her driver!

I am not even going to fake the funk. I can’t do the original story justice, so I will let Bree tell it herself. Her tweets garnered thousands of comments and shares as she, as @Msixelaa took to Twitter, and shared it with the world one hour after it happened.

See the conversation directly below and share your thoughts in “comments.” If this happened to YOU, what would you have done?

My man told me he was going to ny to see his mom she’s in the hospital he had luggage packed an everything I stayed with him the night before


We parted ways earlier this morning from his apartment he got in his car I got in mine he drove off like he was going to the airport

fast forward to an hour ago I pick a girl up at the airport she puts the apartment complex in the gps she said she’s here to visit

@Msixelaa Her boyfriend and shes so excited She hasn’t seen him in forever blah blah blah I’m relating I’m like yeah my man just left out of town

@KhaleesiNU she put the apartment complex and then told me where to drop her off at in the apartments

We in the car and we just riding she telling me about herself I let her help herself to my dam water In my backseat


I even let her use the aux cord

She was playing music about love that was relating to my dam man the whole time and my dum ass in the car like yasssssss

Anyways fast forward to us pulling up to the gate at the apartment complex I’m like my boyfriend lives out here 

She’s getting the apartment building number while I’m saying this via txt I drive to the gate that’s open even though it’s a exit

She’s like ok I got the number at this point I’m like ok we counting the building numbers down as we are riding through the buildings

my stomach starts to drop as we get closer to a familiar building and I see his car outside at this point I’m like

Girl I was burning up in side when she said “I think this is it right here this is his car??

His ass come out the house ready to assist with luggage AND THE DEVIL ROSE UP OUT OF ME LIKE ARE YOU DEAD ASS RIGHT NOW he runs

His dum ass couldn’t eat me to the door before I started beating his ass he was gone leave her outside with me too lol sad 

As I’m hitting him I guess the nurturing women ig her decided to protect “our mAn” and she tries HITS me BITTTTTTTTTCCHHH

 Since NO WORDS have been exchanged between the woman and her man, whose ass she is beating right now, we should at least consider the fact that the passenger might think the Uber driver is just some deranged woman!

bitch not even knowing her luggage still in the car ? she willing to wear the same outfit for god knows how long to protect her man

At this point my heart hurts I’m tired I can’t fight no more so I’m calling my friends jazz and deneka and I’m hysterical

My navigation telling me to turn around forgot to end the ride?

So now the woman passenger will ALSO have a BIG BILL! Hahahaha

anyways this is the reason I now have new luggage

It dawned on me when I was tweeting the first tweet to tell the story the luggage was in my car ?

So dude apparently made numerous requests to have the woman?s luggage returned. Bree responded by sending pictures of her wearing the woman?s stuff. To DIE for, I’m telling you!
Anyway, Bree is all decked out in the passengers clothing. Wanna see? Check her out at news.com



Msixelaa obviously has a lot going on — seeing as 34.7K people follow her on Twitter! Dude is definitely the one who lost on this one!



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