Man Duct Tapes Dog’s Mouth So She’ll Stop Barking…And Look What Happens (To Both of Them!)

William Dodson
William Dodson

*I’m starting to think my boss likes to torture me. Why else would he send these stories my way? He knows the compassion I  exude for animals, especially wounded ones, sometimes appear to outweigh my feelings towards humans. Why then must I, we, learn of yet one more muthaf*cker hurting an innocent animal?

Only THIS could make me use THAT word!

And to add insult to injury, it was just because she barked.

Yet here he is. The A-hole from Charleston, North Carolina named William Dodson, who, on May 27, 2015, chose to tightly wind duct tape around the then-15-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix?s snout, nine times, to quiet her natural instinct to bark.

As if this wasn’t enough, he chained her.

duct tape on dog

Fortunately, the dog was able to escape; but it took 36 hours before she was rescued, wandering the streets near Dodson’s home.

Even more fortunate, she was rescued by a veterinarian.

Caitlyn after duct tape is removed.
Caitlyn after duct tape is removed.

?She may be severely disfigured, or the large amount of dead tissue may cause life-threatening complications,? Dr. Lucy Fuller, the senior director of Veterinary Care at the Animal Society, said at the time of discovery. reports, when they found her, they thought after they unraveled the tape they?d have to amputate Caitlyn?s tongue. She was also left with severe swelling around her mouth and nose. Blood flow to Caitlyn?s tongue had been cut off for 36 hours, causing damage to her face.

?I remember seeing the fear ? in her eyes. That was 36 hours of torture,? Aldwin Roman, Charleston Animal Society?s director of anti-cruelty and outreach, said after the sentencing.

Yes, “the sentencing.”

Dodson was given five years in jail, the maximum penalty for animal cruelty. But the judge even admitted he wished for a harsher punishment.

?I?m not trying to be mean,? Circuit Judge Markley Dennis told Dodson, ?but I wish I could give you more.?

And if there was never a more apropos example of how no one ever escapes karma, Dodson was already headed to jail for 15 years for another offense. A plea deal enables him to tack the five years on so the sentences run simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn may have a somewhat-happier ending. After her rescue she was adopted, but she is not quite out of the woods yet. Doctors say she still suffers from anxiety and stress.

I am such a believer that love and patience from her humans will cure these ailments over time.

Caitlyn, sweet doggie, you are in our prayers.

Dodson, you will have plenty of time, 20 years to be specific, to think about your cruelty. And you best believe, there are hardened criminals who feel just like I do about animals so, a word of advice, don’t bend over in the shower.

On second thought, please do. 

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  1. U and I sound like we think alike I think the person who put the duct tape on this poor dog needs to have that done to him!

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