Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Student ‘Absolutely Beams’ in Mugshot

Sarah Fowlkes
Sarah Fowlkes

*Forgive me but, according to the picture above, it must’ve been good.

Could this response to such an accusation be a good example of white privilege? Perhaps it would be more suitable of someone who lives in an ‘alternate universe.’ Either way, there is something very mentally unbalanced about this anatomy “teacher.” Even as she stood in the coldness of a local police station, where she had surely been told that she was being accused of having sexual relations with an under-aged student, she wanted to look good for the camera.

She may have asked the somewhat hardened female guard if she could have her purse back, in order to retrieve a hair brush. But the answer was a sharp no. Then she may have said with a sigh, “Well, can I at least freshen up my eyeliner?” Same response. So what else could snow white do?

Smile and say ‘cheese.’

Sarah Fowlkes, 27, had been arrested by police after a 17-year-old boy who attends Lockhart High School, near Austin, Texas, said she had sex with him, according to the Houston Chronicle

Despite this accusation leading to second-degree felony charges, an absolutely beaming Fowlkes, appears undeterred; a response that has now become fodder on social media and international news sites.

No doubt this sits well with her.

Now of course the lawyer defending her claims the grin is being read all wrong.

Speaking to NBC 5 News he said: She knows she?s innocent.

?You?ve got a young lady who was arrested on the statement of a 17-year-old kid with no corroborating evidence,? Attorney Jason Nassour told the Dallas-Fort Worth station.

?This isn?t a guilty person sitting there like they just got caught. When everything?s fleshed out it won?t be as it appears.? 

Just to be clear, what evidence would have sufficed…a used piece of tissue?

Let’s let that marinate in the brain for a sec.

An article in the Huffington Post reports there are also electronic messages of a sexual nature between the teacher and student.

Fowlkes, who is married, has been teaching science and anatomy at the school since 2014, has been suspended. The school addresses the actions in a statement.

?On behalf of the district and Board of Trustees, I want to assure parents we do not tolerate this kind of behavior and are fully cooperating with law enforcement and CPS,? District Superintendent Susan Bohn said in a statement. ?We will always take swift action to make sure concerns are properly investigated and actions taken to ensure student safety.?

Reports say Fowlkes had been photographed celebrating her birthday with her spouse just the night before.

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