Man Electrocutes Himself with iPhone in the Bathtub…and Apple’s At Fault?


*I understand that we’re a litigious society that increasing finds fault with everyone but ourselves, but COME ON!

Apple’s just announced that a new fire engine red iPhone is headed to market, but who knew that these babies are literally on fire!!!

A 32-year-old man hopped into the bathtub with his iPhone in his hand, while it was plugged into the wall via an extension cord.

Need I go on?

Dude fried himself.  

His wife found his body.  His burns were so severe she thought he’d been attacked.  

He had been attacked.  By his own stupidity.  What manner of fool gets into the bathtub with any kind of electrical device — while it’s plugged in no less?? 

But get this:  the coroner, upon looking into the man’s death, has decided that, ultimately, Apple is at fault.  

“These seem like innocuous devices,” said Dr. Sean Cummings, “but can be as dangerous as a hairdryer in a bathroom. They should attach warnings.  I intend to write a report…to the makers of the phone.”

I love my iPhone as much as the next person.  I even have a mini iPhone strapped to my wrist these days.  But if Apple needs to do anything, they may want to think about issuing IQ tests to consumers before selling them a phone, because this one is one for the ages.  

My heart goes out to the man’s wife and loved ones, but dude wasn’t the brightest of bulbs. 


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