‘Bald Black Man’ Blamed for Shooting Some Guy in the Bronx…Thing Is, He’s ‘Imaginary’

Black man, imaginary, blamed

*A Hispanic man in New York who accidentally shot himself in the stomach could think of no better excuse than to tell cops he was shot by a bald Black man.

Thing is…there was no bald Black man. He imagined, no lied, about the whole thing.

Sounds like he took a page from crazy-ass Lindsey Lohan’s Book of Lies. Remember years back she did the same thing? In a drunk-driving incident — where witnesses saw her practically fall over trying to touch her nose — she claimed to cops, “I wasn’t driving, the Black kid was!

Well, according to the Daily News, 20-year-old Arthur Palombo told the cops he was on his way to  Williamsbridge Oval Park in the Bronx to meet someone he’d first met a few weeks back to sell them a gun. But he added that the person, “a bald Black guy,” didn’t want to pay the $100 price tag and instead, shot him in the stomach.

Ain’t that a bitch?

That lie probably rolled off of his tongue like it was swimming on butter. He retracted the story after police found the gun in the park. After he was released from the hospital, he was arrested and posted bail at $10,000, according to the city’s Dept. of Correction.

Now he has been charged with weapons possession and filing a false police report.

The nerve of some freaking’ people. He’d rather place the blame on some nonexistent Black man than just say his gun went off. Why a Black man period!



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