Male Rider Robbed in New Orleans By ‘Fake’ Female Uber Drivers (and I’m Pissed!)

Outdated Uber App logo

*I take this shit personal. Why do some people have to make things bad for everyone? There is no doubt that the ride-share industry has changed the paradigm of public transportation. Along with that, a LOT of people now have been given the opportunity to make extra money or even change jobs and take it on full time. No longer do we have to choose enslavement to the outrageous fares of the taxi industry (who by the way are not even trying to be wise competitors by adjusting their high prices). Not only can we now actually enjoy our ride in generally nice, clean cars; we can also usually have pleasant conversations with the drivers while doing so, if we choose. Which is why it pisses the phuck out of me to witness evil people taking advantage of the industry and encouraging suspicion But as crooks will have it, there is always going to be a door for them to enter through.

According to a recent news report said to be gathered from New Orleans police, two women posing as Uber drivers — in the same car — picked some dude up in the early morning hours on Bourbon Street on Saturday. One of the women allegedly pulled a gun on the 22-year-old passenger and relieved him of his debit card and cellphone. At some point the passenger was able to escape from the car and the women sped off. 

Now this is where the story goes south, if you will, and you can’t feel totally sorry for this man. 

Had he used the actual Uber APP, (and the police report raises questions as to whether he did or not) he would have seen the face of the driver, her license plate and car description. 

This robbery is said to be among a string of such incidents that have occurred over the past six months in New Orleans…surprisingly, with women posing as Uber drivers.

No doubt these women, who realize men are more apt to think with other parts of their body when they see someone attractive, will get into a car without even looking to see if its the right one.

Uber spokesperson, Susan Hendrick, offers these safety TIPS to riders; which they should follow while using Uber.

? Only take trips with drivers you request through the app ? there are no street hails with Uber.

? Before the ride begins ? Double-check the license plate, driver name and photo shown to you in the app. We encourage riders to double check all these details and make sure they match the driver and car. Riders are also able to see a driver?s rating to determine if they wish to proceed with a journey.
? During the trip ? Share trip details with friends and family. Riders can share their trip details, including estimated time of arrival and the specific route, with friends and family so they can follow the trip and know when they?ve arrived safely.
? After the ride ends ? Provide feedback. Riders rate their driver and vice versa, and can provide feedback to Uber. Our safety team reviews this information and investigates any issues. Our customer support staff are ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A Note from the writer: As someone who is approaching her first year anniversary as an Uber driver (5-star thank you very much!); who has made nearly 2K trips transporting hundreds of riders, I implore you to use your good sense. ALWAYS make sure that the “Uber logo” on the car that approaches you MATCHES the app on your phone.

Latest Uber App logo
Latest Uber App logo

Uber is excellent at making sure their drivers have the latest image tags and permits. The old black and white “U” app is outdated. I have no idea why any legitimate Uber driver would still be using this. The newer app is a black square inside a white box. 

Start with that!

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