Can We Talk…Or Just Listen? (Thoughts You’ve Probably Had Your Damn Self)

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*I admit, I’m a deep thinker. Not in some that makes me brilliant, braggadocios kind of way, but I’m a writer so its kind of “par for the course.” I see it as both a blessing and a curse. On the blessing side, I am rarely, if ever, stuck when it comes to communicating. I can strike up and carry a conversation with anyone without skipping a beat. I am rarely or never stuck when it comes to thinking up topics to write about; be it for a letter, an article, column, responding to a question (unless its absolutely out-of-this-world ridiculous!) or lately, even coming up with what I believe would be an interesting book.

The curse part is my mind never turns off. You’ve heard that before I’m sure. You certainly don’t have to be a writer to be “cursed” in this way; but its pretty much a sure thing if you are. As a deep thinker I am always questioning things, and always learning — about myself, and about others. Sometimes I find myself wondering about the weirdest things. Just yesterday, I thought to myself, (and please forgive me for this) why is a man’s penis called a dick? Not only that, but why is someone who is acting like a complete jerk often referred to as a dick? I mean who started that? Weird right?


Another thing I wonder about is, when a woman learns her man is cheating, why does she go after the “other woman” and not the man, the cheater (remember the song by Monica and Brandy)? 

 We, as human beings, do some of the darndest things. We seem to make our already complicated lives even harder unnecessarily. Granted: there are some thing we will never be able to change: we are all going to die one day no matter what; things will never always go our way, everyone is not going to like us, sometime you are not going to get the job…no matter how qualified you are!


But dammit, there are some things we CAN change. We don’t have to buy in to the okie doke!

So now the question becomes “Why do we… no, why do I, do this?” I learned a long time ago not to point outwards, but instead, to look inwards if I was going to realistically examine many of the whys I have.

Next… “What am going to do to change this from within?” Because after all, we can’t change anyone else, but we can make sure we don’t act like them.

And finally, “Where do I start?” Well, the answer to this one is not complicated. With me.

light bulb moment

So here are some topics for discussion. Sorry to say there’s more to come. After all, that’s why I got this job. Mr. Bailey says I have an interesting way of looking at things. I hope you will participate in the comments section below.

What are some of the things you’ve wondered about? Wanna share? Maybe we can help shed some light on it. And listen, I hope that just because you may be anonymous, you won’t choose to be mean; but rather, offer constructive comments. 




Self love first

Before it is even possible to love anyone else, you absolutely must love yourself…for real. Its so obvious when you’re just frontin’.


People will make us mad sometimes. But when you calm down you might want to try and see things from that person’s point of view.

The desire to learn from (instead of envy) that woman

Personally, I think men are behind a lot of the women’s hate and envy and competition with one another. Don’t worry guys, I’m not blaming you, its totally on the women. I’m just saying that you are the motivation behind it — the reason a woman feels “not enough” if she sees someone she thinks is prettier, smarter, and “more” of what she feels she is not. All of the reasons you might not choose her. 

My advice: If you see someone is what you are not, you might want to take lessons instead.

Your turn.


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