First Man to Offer Seat to Pregnant Woman Awarded ‘#1 Decent Dude’ Trophy


*A New York City woman, eight months pregnant, has been carrying around a 7″ trophy that reads ?#1 DECENT DUDE ? First Man to Offer Subway Seat to Pregnant Woman throughout Two Pregnancies,? for the past two months. Clearly, something motivated her to take this drastic measure. Oh! Here it is: Ivonne Linn had gone through one full pregnancy, and is now eights months into another, and claims women have been the only ones to offer their seat to her as she stood on buses and trains.

Now, you can look at this one of two ways: “Hooray for the man who finally did the decent thing!” or “Damn, seriously? What in the world has happened to real gentlemen?”

There was a time, pregnant or not, men would automatically offer their seat to a woman. Sometimes the woman would have a child in tow, or be carrying several bags, or just standing, carrying nothing.

In all fairness, this still happens periodically. But to be truthful, the gesture is far and few.

How sad. It truly is a new day.

But Ricky Barksdale, of Harlem, New York was the decent dude that got the trophy. And just listen to this incredible father of two explain his thoughts on the gesture to


Barksdale, 34, said the act is just common courtesy.

“I have seen it happen before. I?ve seen a pregnant woman and or a mom and child get on a train and seen people turn their heads or pretend their sleeping,” Barksdale said. ?If you see someone pregnant, elderly, or disabled, just give up your seat. I just hope it motivates people to do the right thing.”

He explains how the incident happened…

?I was on my phone playing a game and I glanced up, but didn?t know if she was pregnant because she was wearing all black. The moment I realized she was pregnant, I got up immediately and she said, ‘Hold on I have something for you.'”

Ivonne told CBS News. “He just really looked like a really nice guy. I was shocked, but as a New Yorker you sort of develop a sixth sense on who would be a nice guy. He radiated that.”  

She told the decent dude that he had “restored” her faith in men. Barksdale says the trophy is sitting on his counter at home  


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