This French Bulldog Vocalizes His Joy About Full Body Massage (Watch)

French bulldog

*By now you may have guessed, I’m quite the animal lover. We have two Pitt-Bull mixes, a male and female, who were rescued from Linda Blair’s shelter. Yes,?that?Linda Blair.

I regularly give our doggies massages, and they adore me for it. But they now become quite spoiled and?expect?it. Even as I have become more lazy about giving it.

So I got a real kick out of watching this French bulldog on the massage table. There is no doubt he is totally enjoying the treat.

I’ve even put words to it.

Doggie to masseuse: You won’t mind if I do my yoga Ohm while you work, do you?

Doggie thoughts to self: Finally, I can just chill. Aw… yes. It’s been a full week. Yeah. The paws. All that concrete has made them rough, you know.

I can tell you really know your stuff.

Oh yeah, right there. Oh wow, you even know the under the neck and forehead trick?

Masseuse to doggie: Bless you.

Doggie to masseuse: Thank you.

Doggie thoughts to self: Why oh why can’t I get this song outta my head?

Doggie falls into deep sleep: Snores

Masseuse taps doggie gently.

Doggie in dreamland: No…just 5 more minutes, please.

Check out the video below. Feel free to write your own dialogue in the comments. Thanks to?

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