Get Your Cardio In While Sitting On Your Butt With…the Officiser!


*I?m all for innovation and enterprise, and marvel at those individuals who manage to cook up a contraption that we can?t imagine living without. The automobile. The light bulb. The television. New Coke (kidding — Google it). The microwave (my grandmother?s favorite — “How in God’s good name does it heat up the cup of coffee without heating the walls of the oven???,” she’d always ask ). The personal computer. And that ubiquitous smartphone.

And now, straight out of Korea, the home of Samsung, the Officiser is poised to blow up! ?

For those of us who spend a large portion of our day sitting, some geniuses have cooked up an ?invention? that allows us to move our lower bodies while typing away at the keyboard, watching television, or reading, thereby improving our circulation and overall health.

Before I go on, and just in case you can?t hear the tongue that?s placed firmly in my cheek, allow me to share that?I smiled for several minutes ? and actually laughed out loud once or twice ? after I ran across the Officiser?s website. Usually, I write daily after a grueling 45 minutes on the elliptical, as I find that the infusion of oxygen to my brain helps me connect subject and verb on the ?page.?

Now, it seems, with the help of the new Officiser, I may be able to forgo those daily gym-based torture sessions and get my cardio in while sitting comfortably at my desk.


Yes, that?s right boys and girls: ?you?re to sit at your desk, table, or in your favorite armchair, place your feet in the cradles of the Officiser and move them around in a laughable variety of patterns and rhythms. And THAT is going to encourage users to

??sit in the proper posture but also keep moving while they are sitting, which boosts their calorie burn, improves their focus and energy, lower stress, and it also has ergonomic benefits like reduce back tension and reverse leg swelling. And of course, it will help prevent sedentary lifestyle diseases.?

Swear to God.

Digging deeper into parent company CTL Co. Ltd.?s marketing materials for the Officiser was the funniest thing I?d done in weeks. The company claims that ?officising? (I LOVE that they created a verb!) can be a great alternative to light to moderate intensity aerobic exercises (bye bye, eliptical!), as using the Officiser for an hour provides the same calorie burn as walking four miles!


For those who ?love to fidget,? the release states, ??Officiser offers them an elegant way to do so?? People, it says ??can use it while they play with their mobile phones, read books or watch television,? and the product will ??help seniors to exercise while they watch TV.?

I reached out to CTL, primarily just to make sure that this wasn?t all some hopelessly hysterical internet hoax. It?s legit — but at press time, the company’s marketing director had not?responded to my request for comment.

You can help CTL get the Officiser into homes and offices worldwide with a contribution to their Indiegogo?campaign ? although it appears they?ve already met their $35,000 start-up goal. You can also pre-order your very own Officiser (just typing the name of the device makes me smile every time!) on that site, as well.

If you take the plunge and buy an Officiser,?do us a favor and let us know how it goes!

So here?s to meeting those 2017 fitness goals. Thanks (for the innovation AND the laughs), Officiser!


This blog was written by freelancer Michael P Coleman. ?Connect with him at or on Twitter: [email protected]?

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