The Lego Batman Movie Cracked Me Up, Delivers Laughs For Kids Of All Ages


*I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can take another Trump announcement, pronouncement, or tweet! ?Yesterday, I needed a break from the dismal news cycle, so I snuck into a showing of the hysterical new The Lego Batman Movie. Even a die-hard Superman fan like me loved it.

Maybe that?s because the Man of Steel himself has a role in the movie, and provides a fairly significant plot point to the action-packed romp, during which Batman struggles with?

?wait a minute. Am I ACTUALLY writing a review about a film that?s based on Lego building blocks??

Yes, I am. I was drawn into the story from the first few frames. ?I howled with laughter during the flick, which has lots of action and humor that will appeal to the little ones, along with many jokes that will go right over their heads while leaving you in stitches.

Will Arnett, who provides the voice of the most vain Caped Crusader we’ve ever seen on screen (“…I get up at 4:30am and pump iron until my pecs are just sick!”), may well be my favorite cinematic Batman.


Other star voices in the film include Billy Dee Williams who reprises his role as ?Harvey Dent / Two-Face? from the 1989 film, Zo? Kravitz (?Catwoman?), Rosario Dawson (?Barbara Gordon / Batgirl?), and Siri.

Yes, THAT?Siri, of iPhone fame. ?She? provides the voice of the Bat-computer and delivers some of the film?s best one-liners. The Lego Batman Movie?includes send-ups to every Batman in movie history, and skewers both the classic, campy 1960s TV show and the entire superhero movie genre, with real zingers for Marvel’s Iron Man?(who is largely a Batman knock-off),?the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and DC’s own Suicide Squad! ?

Batman?s entire Rogues Gallery of villains is in the film, as are most of the Justice League, as The Joker tries to take over Gotham City by?here I go again! IT?S A LEGO MOVIE, for the love of God! I?d tell you more about the plot, but who cares? The laughs begin with the opening credits, so make sure you’re in your seat when the lights dim and that iconic Warner Bros logo appears. ?I think I’ll smile every time I see a WB movie opening from now on! ?

So grab some popcorn and prepare to forget about Trump and his minions for an hour and a half or so while you laugh your bat-ass off!

The Lego Batman Movie is in theaters everywhere.


This review was written by freelancer Michael P Coleman, who believe it or now was wearing a Batman shirt for the first time in his life when that picture was taken! ?Connect with him at or on Twitter: @ColemanMichaelP

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