Recently Deceased Founder of Little Caesar’s Paid Rosa Parks’ Rent for Years

Mike Ilitch
Mike Ilitch

*Well if this turns out to actually be true, it gives new meaning to wonders never cease to amaze! According to?a 2014 news article from Sports Business Daily, Mike?Ilitch, the founder of the Little Caesar’s pizza chain, came to Miss Parks’ rescue following a 1994 burglary in her apartment which caused concerns about her safety.

The philanthropic revelation came about as a result of Ilitch’s recent passing, and his hometown reflected on the good he did for his community. ?The information came from local reports, and is sure to surprise many as it was not widely known.

Ilitch, who passed away only days ago on February 10, wrote a check for? $2,000?from Little Caesars Enterprises, according to?former federal appeals judge?Damon Keith,?who served as executor of Parks’ estate after she passed in 2005 and spoke with the outlet.

According to a NewsOne article, Ilitch, who also owns the Detroit Tigers, is well regarded by many. Keith is one who reveals the entrepreneur has done many admiral things, but adds…?of all the incredible things he has done for the city, people should know what he did for Rosa Parks.?


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