Drive-Thru Services for the Bereaved, Hmm…This Funeral Homes Gives it a Go! (Watch)


*Not to judge, but I guess you can justify just about?anything.?Who knew one day there would be computers? Cellphones? Drive-thru funeral services?

***Insert sound of screeching car brakes here***

Yes. You read that correctly. Please know that I am attempting to present this to you using my game face (though something inside of me wants to bust out laughing). My apologies in advance for any offense that may cause?somebody.?But a funeral home in Memphis is giving this new concept a go.

And who am I to think that’s funny?

The R. Bernard Funeral Home is housed in a building that was formerly a bank, and for some ungodly reason, they feel they absolutely must use the drive-thru window. For what for, you ask?

Ah! Here’s something: As a way for people to view their recently departed…without getting out of the car.

There you go!

According to what R. Bernard told Fox 13 Memphis he,??…got the idea from a funeral home out in California.? He adds, “I thought it would be neat to add to the Memphis area. Just to add something unique to our funeral home.?

“Neat” indeed…in a creepy sorta way.

According to a report in Huffington Post, Bernard feels that with his drive-thru services,?a family having a funeral can schedule a drive-thru visitation earlier in the day. People drive up to the visitation window, sign in on an iPad and get to view the dearly departed.

…And back to that?justification.

?Some people, they don?t want to deal with the hassle, the chaos of a large funeral; parking, especially with inclement weather, so that was an extra convenience for those,? Bernard told WATN TV.

OK. I can see it a bit clearer now…

So far, four families have taken advantage of the drive-through service. If any of those people?are reading this, can you let us know how the experience was for you please?

You can bet there are the naysayers. The folks who think this is just downright weird.

?Why would you even do that though?? Myron Baker told WATN TV. ?Death is, at certain places they say you should celebrate death. But at the same time that?s something that is private for the family, so if you have a drive-thru window that show that, really you just promoting a business.?

Such comments don’t appear to phase Bernard, who intends to upgrade his services to Live streaming funerals?in the future.

Oh god.

As I watched the video, I certainly had some issues with two things. One, the words “and its free.” During the video as Mr. Bernard speaks with the Fox 13 reporter he says we give the family an hour for visitation?inside?and those viewing from drive thru get 3 minutes. This reminds me of when I attended my father’s funeral services. I recall having to confront the funeral staff; who appeared to rush us through the service. I found myself very offended.

That’s an aside, I know. But the troubling thought came up as Mr. Bernard spoke…and added it is?free.

Well sir, the drive thru may be “free” (after all, why would you charge someone to look at their loved ones dead body?) but I am sure you somehow figured a that cost into the funeral (and marketing) that the family paid for.

Who are you kidding?

Here’s the video. You can watch it for?free.


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