Can Uber Ruin a Marriage? This Man Says ‘Yes’… He’s Headed to Divorce Court

uber jealousy

*I can kind of see that. A marriage hitting the rocks because of Uber. But not for the reasons this man is claiming, and further, actually suing the company over. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on THAT courtroom wall. His lawsuit claims that since the app “lingers” … as in — doesn’t shut off after he is done driving — his wife peeped his pick up and drop off points and accused him of cheating.


I don’t know dude. Sounds like your marriage may have been on shaky ground to begin with. But who am I?

I do, however, want to explain?my?why. I speak from experience.?Driving Uber can be very addictive. You almost feel guilty when you’re?not driving.?And when you DO go to visit people; say, on a “day off” (if you can muster up a justification to take one) you are secretly thinking, “I’m wasting time! I could be out making money!”

I know. It’s terrible. I’m not even gonna front.

But back to Mr. “Soon-to-be-single.” According to local UK media, he’s suing Uber for $45 million dollars.

The still unidentified man who is a resident in the French Riviera, said that he used his wife’s cellphone to log into Uber. But the problems surfaced when a?technical glitch allowed his wife to, again, see where he has been even after he logged out of the app, he claimed.

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, it was then that his wife filed for divorce (even though its unclear if any infidelity actually occurred).

Meanwhile Uber is keeping mum on the details. A spokesman came out with a rather obscure statement saying that the company ?does not publicly comment on individual cases, including the case of divorce proceedings between spouses.?

And this is not a one-time occurrence.

Testing done by Le Figaro shows that the bug is also evident on older versions of the app. The newspaper found that the issue was fixed on December 15 in an update.

According to Le Figaro, details about the app’s last use will be posted by a locked account can be accessed on the app, but not the geolocation of where the user went.

In the case of this unfortunate soul, and this is where things went south?as it were,?his wife continued to receive notifications ? saying he was using the Uber app ? for quite some time AFTER he claimed to have logged his account off her phone.

…and therein lied the problem, folks.

Needless to say, depending on what happens with this case, which is expected to be heard sometime in March, floodgates may open to let similar cases in.

But the social media trolls didn’t let this guy’s issue go unnoticed. On Thursday some comments lit up the sites.

?You cheat on your wife, yet Uber is to blame for your divorce?? tweeted Laura Brown. ?You?ve Got [sic] to be kidding.?

Another wrote, ?No guy, your philandering caused your divorce. Uber should just send a hitman. What a loser!?

I repeat, it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

3 thoughts on “Can Uber Ruin a Marriage? This Man Says ‘Yes’… He’s Headed to Divorce Court”

  1. You shouldn’t have cheated on your wife in the first place. You have been caught red handed and you wanted to blame Uber. You ain’t man enough to take responsibility for your action and if you do win, I hope your wife gets most of it for her suffering and embarrassments you’ve caused.

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