Accused of Three Murders, Markeith Loyd Cusses Out Judge at Bond Hearing (Watch)

Lt. Debra Clayton
Lt. Debra Clayton

*If anyone ever wondered what the face of hate looks like, Markeith Loyd might give you a clue. Enraged by the way he is being portrayed after allegedly killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend, her unborn child, and now, the female officer who approached him in a Walmart parking lot nearly a month later, he took aim at the bond judge. His mouth being the weapon.

Let’s catch you up, shall we?

On December 13, 2016, Loyd was heard arguing with 24-year-old Sade Dixon outside of her parents home in the 6000 block Long Peak Drive near Clarcona Ocoee and Pine Hills Road in Orange County, Florida. Witnesses rushed outside to see Loyd running towards his car, firing a gun towards the house.

Sade Dixon
Sade Dixon

Dixon’s younger brother was injured too, but not fatally. He remains hospitalized in critical condition as of this writing.

According to a report by ABC affiliate?WFTV 9, witnesses told investigators that the couple had dated about 10 months, and that Dixon lived with Loyd up until December 10. Dixon also told her parents that Loyd had bit her.

Devastated, Dixon’s mother, Stephanie Dixon-Daniels told the media “I don’t even know where to go right now. I’m just numb.”

Dixon’s father, Ron Daniels, had strong words of advice for anyone thinking about retaliating.

“We don’t want nobody…’keepin’ it real for the hood’ because ‘the hood’ ain’t bringing my child back.”

On January 9, Lt. Debra Clayton confronted the murder suspect at a Walmart on John Young Parkway and Princeton Street. Loyd is said to have opened fire on the officer, and an autopsy states one of the shots happened after she had fallen to the ground.

Markeith Loyd
Markeith Loyd

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But back to this hateful ass man.

A heavily bandaged Loyd stood before the judge at his first bond hearing on January 19.?The judge asked him if he wanted a public defender. He declined, saying he would represent himself.

As previously mentioned he was enraged and constantly interrupted the judge saying, “I’m not finished!” and at one point even cussed at her.


?Y?all portraying this s?t to the news people like I just went there and shot this girl when there were other guns found on the scene,? he said.

According to reports, Loyd used a .40-caliber gun, but a .9 caliber gun was found on the site.

??A gun was pulled on me first, but y?all acting like I just went there and shot her.? ?They done took my eye, broke my nose, broke my jaw,? Loyd said of the police officers. ?I didn?t resist.? When the judge reminded him that the hearing was being recorded, he fired back saying, ?I?m not finished talking because y?all been making up s? the whole time.?

The Black reports, despite Loyd?s claims of innocence, Police Chief John Mina begs to differ. In an official statement, he defended his officers and their actions. He also reiterated that Loyd was ?extremely violent? and ?unpredictable.? ?Let?s not rush to judgment, let?s let the use of force investigation play out and remember that we are dealing with an extremely violent, dangerous and very unpredictable person,? he said.?We are talking about a cold-blooded, ruthless killer,? the chief said.

As he left the courtroom he called back to the judge…

Fuck you.

Who else is surprised this Black man didn’t end up dead. Why do you think his life was spared by the men in blue?

Markeith Loyd Bond Hearing

Markeith Loyd Apprehension video

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