People Have Done Some CRAZY SH*T in Job Interviews, Check Out these Insane Actions!


*Ah, the dreaded job interview. Nail biting time for some folks, while others, like me (blame it on a background in theatre) see it as just another audition and welcome the challenge.

Nerves can play you like a fiddle. They can make you do the damndest things. I’ve seen people laugh uncontrollably when they’re nervous, shut down completely, and have anxiety attacks so severe that sound reasoning becomes impossible

But what you will see coming up takes?the entire cake. They are some of the STRANGEST things that people have done in job interviews. Recognize any of ’em? I don’t know you personally so if you?see yourself?it was quite by accident. No offense. The interviewer?didn’t contact me about you.

“It’s hard to say why a candidate would do some of these things,” Rosemary Haefner, chief human-resources officer for CareerBuilder, tells Business Insider. “Maybe he or she is nervous, thinks an employer would find it funny, or perhaps the candidate simply has no boundaries.”

“Regardless,” Haefner says, “it could cost the candidate the job, so funny or not, it’s likely not worth risking it with these actions. Your nerves can make you freeze up under the spotlight, and that’s normal. How you handle that is what matters.”

CareerBuilder?says one woman sang her responses to an interview, while another did hers in the restroom…and flushed.

singing in bathroom


Gal just started screaming in the interview saying it was taking too long. A man brought a pizza…and didn’t even offer to share


An interview is no place to exercise your side gig as a palm reader. Apparently this interviewee didn’t get the memo and started reading the interviewers palm, even though he tried hard to decline.

palm reading at the interview

Why someone would choose an interview setting to lotion her lower extremities?is beyond me. But one person did…Not to ?mention how another person ate crumbs off of a table.?


Good lord, people. If it gets to be too much for you, just postpone or cancel until you get yourself together. A bad interview due to extreme behavior can really travel beyond the moment. It’s a small world in business, and you don’t want to be famous in it for the wrong reason.




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