Sorry Hipsters, But Your Interior Design Ideas Are On the Outs

Modern cream coloured kitchenInterior designers from all over the world have come to a conclusion: hipster-inspired furniture is on the outs.

So what exactly is “hipster furniture”? According to design aficionados, this means dark reclaimed wood, pastel hues, and anything that looks recycled; these are being traded in for fresher, more sophisticated pieces.

For hipsters looking to redecorate, the Wall Street Journal details some of the new interior design trends that are projected to become huge this upcoming year.

Terrazzo tiles instead of dark, reclaimed wood

Since dark wood looks pretty heavy, and recycled materials — think PVC pipe furniture and bookshelves made out of wooden pallets and crates — can look dated, interior designers are choosing simple, sophisticated pieces in their place. This means opting for terrazzo tiles, which are tiles made of a cement base with a pattern of colored glass pieces set in resin.

Out with the pink, in with the green

Pastel pink is now being deemed unfashionable, and as Charleston based designer Michael Mitchell explains to the Independent, ?No one looks good sitting on a pink sofa.? Instead, moody and modern forest green will take its place, as it can be easily updated with black, grays, and white accent pieces.

Muted metal finishes

Subtlety is the goal with muted metal. The idea is to have an entire room complimented by metallic touches, but not the shiny, over-the-top pieces everyone is used to. Look for matte details such as a brushed or oxidized finish to provide a higher level of sophistication.

Separate Kitchens

A trend that has reached its height is open floor plans, but more and more homeowners are wanting to change the layout of their home as their kitchen is becoming an unwanted focal point. Alternatively, it is a good idea to give cooking fanatics their own space and put at least one dividing wall in between rooms.

Looking for some new trendy interior design pieces? Not to worry, there will be plenty to choose from; the global luxury furniture market is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of over 4% between now and 2019.

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