Danny Glover on Board As L. A. Women’s Theatre Festival Races to Reach its ‘Kickstarter Goal’ in 4 More Days!!!

"Women. What would life be without them? Well ...there would be no life without them." Danny Glover LAWTF Honorary Co-Chairperson (Twitter photo)
“Women. What would life be without them??Well …there would be no life without them.”–Danny Glover,?LAWTF Honorary Co-Chairperson (Twitter photo)

*(Hollywood) During this time of gratitude, the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) thanks those who have contributed to their 2016-17 Kickstarter Campaign.

As they gear up for their 24th Annual Festival, “TAKING FLIGHT” they welcome 18 phenomenal women performers who will share their stories through dance, theatre, song, spoken word and laughter. Some of these performers will come from as far away as London and Israel to be a part of this magical event.

Presently, the festival has 34 backers and it has raised $4370. ?They are $5630 away from their goal of $10,000 and they have until midnight January, 14th to accomplish this.?

It can be done!? It must be done!?Otherwise, they stand to lose all of their contributions from those who have pledged thus far.?

If you have not become a backer yet, they hope you will do so today?

Danny Glover has been a long-time supporter of LAWTF and is Honorary co-Chairperson of the Festival. When?EURweb Sr. Editor, DeBorah B. Pryor saw him last, she asked him why it is that he keeps coming back.

?Sometimes you support an idea, and you support the idea from far away?the idea itself?the vision itself,? Glover says.??So when I come here, I am celebrating and supporting the vision; a vision that focuses on women and their unique contribution to art ? in particular, theatre; from one-woman shows to material that you?re not going to see anyplace else in the public space. Adilah (Barnes) and all of the founders of that knew exactly what they were doing; [they] had that in mind and set that out as their goal. To have…commitment to a vision, a goal, is pretty remarkable.?

Adilah Barnes, Cofounder/President of LAWTF says, “No contribution is too small.?NOT reaching our goal is not a viable option for?LAWTF in?this much-needed Festival 2017 Campaign!”

“Our 2016-2017 Annual Contribution Program continues through January 14, 2017.? Our fundraising goal will support our 24th Annual Festival programming for LAWTF Marketing Campaign, venue rental, technical crew/performer stipends and Awards Ceremony Director.”


Please click??here to watch our exciting new video, see our available rewards, and make your?tax-deductible contribution.

Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” campaign so we must reach our goal of $10,000 by January 14, 2017.


“Half a millennium ago Shakespeare opined in AS YOU LIKE IT “All the world’s a stage,” yet today less than 40% of the people ON STAGE are women.


LAWTF provides opportunities for women to take the stage…tell their stories…make us laugh…make us cry…understand ourselves and the world around us.

Be an angel, a theatre angel: Back us with your contribution and help LAWTF grow and make it so again for the 24th year!”

Deirdre Marlowe,
LAWTF Board Member

This company is amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing its growth from the beginning and you can believe, it has changed lives!
I hope you won’t hesitate to give what you can towards what is sure to be a magnificent 24th year festival! Your support will definitely be put to great use!
DeBorah B. Pryor
Senior Editor, Electronic Urban Report

Please join this campaign to support our exciting

Annual Festival March 23-26, 2017.

.?? Every donation, no matter the amount, will help support our successful? 24th?Annual Festival.


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