Hey ‘Pastor’ Kim Burrell, With Ellen Now a ‘No Go’…The Fun May Be Just Beginning!


*How dare she??That was my first thought after watching the video where this supposed Woman of God goes on a rant about who will get into Heaven and who won’t. That’s basically what her anti-gay ‘sermon’ was about.

I am not gay, and I’m not Christian — but let me tell you, I am still offended, and YOU, reader, should be too. It’s absolutely?disgusting?when people use what should be a platform of love and inclusion, to spout their own nasty views on how others choose to live their life.

How dare you! And shame on the ‘supporters’ of this idiocy; those who can be heard sitting in the audience heeing and hawing their support.

And Ms. Burrell, you didn’t even use good sense. You did this KNOWING you were going on the television show of one of the most beloved lesbian women of the 21st century, Ellen DeGeneres?

Girl, surely you gest.

And how stupid do you think the general public is anyway? Your ‘followup’ video, I won’t insult the act of apology by calling it one because what it actually was, was your attempt to clean up your mess after you?realized what you had done…OUT LOUD!

Oh, and how much its going to cost you...Come to think of it, you’re no different than those racists who do their dirt, and then say they’re “not racist.”? And ugh!?To try and backstroke, while wearing that plastic grin, and suggest that just because you didn’t mention a certain term, “I never said LGBT last night, I said SIN” that this in some way makes what you did say?any better.

I can just see God right now, head in hands, mortified by your actions in His name!

Even the son of God thinks what you did was stupid!

Thank goodness celebrities with the obvious good sense, love and compassion you?seem to lack, notably, Pharrell, Yolanda Adams, and Chaka Khan; along with the 5,500 who signed the Change.org petition asking Ellen to do exactly what she did, UN-INVITE YOU, ?took a stand denouncing your POV, without delay.

They know what’s up.

No one is saying you or anyone else has to agree with the LGBTQ lifestyle. There are many things in life that won’t be everyone’s?cup of tea.?But to insult an entire population of “God’s Children” — not to mention, using the pulpit to do so, because they don’t live according to your standards is just plain wrong!

You’ve obviously been on the job too long, ‘Pastor.’ You’ve gotten way too comfortable. If it were up to me, I’d petition for your removal.

***My name is DeBorah B. Pryor and I approve this message.***


3 thoughts on “Hey ‘Pastor’ Kim Burrell, With Ellen Now a ‘No Go’…The Fun May Be Just Beginning!”

  1. This is the popular sin flavor of the decade – open, declared homosexual relationships and marriages. While popular media celebrates drug and alcohol use, marital infidelity, crime sprees, and taking the Lord’s name in vain, this particular sin is protected by state and federal law. Does that make it any better or worse than any other sin? No, of course not. However its widespread acceptance is dictating to many Christians that it is not sin after all, rather a cultural shift in loving, committed relationships that Christ would condone, or even the next generation of complete equality by all, regardless of sexual preference or perversity. The argument that Christians look the other way with heterosexual impropriety, so homosexual relationships and indiscretions should get a pass doesn’t hold water. Sexual purity is an area that God places a high degree of importance. There were strict laws regarding marriage, divorce, adultery, and sexual behavior. There is a comprehensive list of what God considers to be “abomination,” and along with lying and a hardened heart are same sex acts (Lev. 18:22; 20:13; Dt. 23:18). As an aside, Incest and cross dressing are also placed in this category. The argument being put forward today, after decades of lobbying, is that “alternative” lifestyles are normal. There is no right or wrong, virtually all sexual taboos and societal mores are broken down. Just like self-gender selection, sexuality is also fluid based on what I want at this particular moment in time which leads to the “I” in LGBTI. “Intersex” is whatever sexual desire crosses my mind at this moment, it may be different 10 minutes from now. This is blatant, open rebellion against what God has created for our good: Marriage between one man and one woman, male and female made in His image, and sex to take place between one man and woman within the bounds of marriage. Everything about this agenda is designed to destroy His image, His plan, and His design for the health, happiness and well-being of men, women, children and something else He created to reveal a valuable spiritual correlation – the family unit.

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