Kanye Reportedly Miffed Fans Think Kim Initiated Split

By now, the whole world knows that Kimye is no more. If you Google “Kimye,” you’re bound to be bombarded with stories surrounding the demise of this famous couple. One thing’s for sure: less than 1% of Google searchers click any link beyond the first search result’s page — and you won’t have to look further than that to learn the sordid details of this A-List couple’s split. Continue reading

Despite Compelling Evidence, Trump Impeachment Trial Likely to End in Acquittal

On January 6, a mob of rioters breached the U.S. Capitol, causing significant damage to the building, the bi-partisan evacuation of representatives, and even several deaths — all in the name of Trump. But despite the fact that evidence strongly suggests that the then-President’s own actions spurred the insurrectionists on, it’s growing increasingly unlikely that Trump’s second impeachment trial will end in anything other than an acquittal. Continue reading

Emodulari’s Mind Blowing ‘Craniotomy’ Hits the Spot / Watch


*Caught up in the maelstrom of bad to worse news in the New York Times one morning, Eli Soiefer spotted an uplifting article offering respite from the crazy.

It was a piece about an open-brain surgical procedure where they keep the patient awake to make sure they’re not hitting the wrong spot. Intrigued by the notion of doctors asking a patient during brain surgery to sing or play an instrument, the charismatic frontman for fast-emerging New York alt-rockers Emodulari got cracking on the hard-driving, intensely visual and visceral – and bitingly hilarious – “Craniotomy,” the most popular of a batch of singles the Nyack, NY band has released since its launch in 2019.

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2021’s Best Cities for Pizza Addicts

Pizza (Yay Images)

*Deep dish, thin crust, or somewhere in between — America is a nation of pizza addicts. That craving has only grown while we’ve been sticking close to home during the pandemic as pizza is the ultimate comfort food.

But which 10 cities take the biggest slice out of 2021’s Best Cities for Pizza Addicts?

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Black Female Exec, Roz Brewer, Makes History, Highlighting Long-Standing Problems in Corporate America

Rosalind Roz Brewer (Getty)
Rosalind ‘Roz’ Brewer (Getty)

*Starbucks executive Rosalind “Roz” Brewer has been tapped to head drugstore pharmacy chain Walgreens. As the company’s new CEO, Brewer will become the only Black woman leading a Fortune 500 company in the U.S.

Brewer served as Starbucks’ chief operating officer for a little more than three years. She will succeed Stefano Pessino as CEO March 15.

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Meet the Youngest Haitian Philosopher in the World: Werley Nortreus

Werley Nortreus

*In this world that we are living in, most people think a black person can’t be a Philosopher, except white people, and that’s when people are wrong with such judgments.

Not everyone has the capacity to be a Philosopher because only the chosen and the gifted can be big thinkers, and that’s true, but who wouldn’t think that Haiti and African countries gave birth to a lot of Philosophers who are contributing to a better world?

A country like Haiti that the society and the world have classified as the world’s poorest country, but who wouldn’t think that Haiti could give birth to a Philosopher like Werley Nortreus? Well, just because Haiti is degrading, most people think Haitian Philosophers don’t exist anymore or at all, and that’s when people are wrong.

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Here’s How Fake Sneakers Are Affecting Companies Bottom Lines

White sneakers

*No one would have thought 40 years ago that a pair of sneakers would be rare and valuable enough for someone to want to create a pair of fake ones.

However, in 2019 sales of counterfeit goods reached $520 billion, around 3.3% of all trade. Sneakers were a big slice of that pie, one NYC-based counterfeiter was caught smuggling $70 million worth of fake Air Jordans into the U.S.

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Horror! A Mother Uses Her Own Body to Shield Young Son From Flames 

*HEILONGJIANG, China – This is the moment a screaming mum whose clothes have even caught fire refuses to leave a burning house and uses her body to protect her child by cradling him in her arms on the floor.

Firefighters said the incident took place in the provincial capital of Harbin in China’s Heilongjiang Province earlier this month.

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