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Jokey Joke: Relationship Advice in the ‘Hood…Set to Music (Video)

Emmanuel Hudson with his "unique" rendition of relationship advice.

There are a lot of young people out there blowin’ up YouTube with all kinds of video.   We’re glad this one has nothing to do with violence.  In fact, this young man took it upon himself to try and save some relationships out there with his unique brand of advice to young men and young women in the ‘hood. Continue reading

Little Guy Goes ‘Thriller’ During Baseball Game

Little Michael Jackson fan shows off his moves during Mariners game.

Michael Jackson made an appearance recently via a young fan at a  Mariners game in Safeco stadium.  MJ would be so proud at the way this young man (it sounded like the announcer said he was 7) performed.  His moves may get him in the next Chris brown or Usher video if they are paying attention. Continue reading

T.I. Talks Man Down from Roof

The police are so busy trying to catch T.I. red-handed in some criminalistic venture that they must have felt pretty silly coming to him for help.  It isn’t clear from CNN’s report what T.I. was doing at the scene when a young man was getting ready to jump off a hotel roof, but everyone involved was happy with the outcome of him being there. Continue reading