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WTF?!? Elementary School Bans Children From Playing Tag On The Playground


*Some might file this one under “Sign of the times.”  I’m going with “Sign of the apocalypse” or “Signs that we have lost control of our kids or our damn minds.”

An elementary school in Northern California has banned the game of tag on their playground.  The principal sent out messages last week telling parents about the new policy.

Tag, just in case you’re unaware or too old to remember, is a game that’s been played for generations.  It requires no equipment, so kids of any socio economic status can play.  It’s fun.  And it requires, perhaps, a bit of adult supervision — which is what we’ve failed to do if we’ve cancelled tag because some of the children tag too hard, which is what’s being reported.

I’m not the only parent who said “WTF.”   Continue reading

Teacher Allows Children to Play ‘Slave Game’ of Tag

One teacher has stretched the boundaries of educating children on the subject of slavery far beyond the guidelines of her position.  Picture this:  “Time to go to recess children.  How about we play a game of “Catch the Slave.”  It’ll give you a good idea of what happened many years ago.  Now!  Tameka come over here and be the first slave to be caught today!” Continue reading