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Supreme Court Continues Backward Robin Hood Rulings that Take from the Poor

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The Supreme Court set temperatures on a new high when they altered the Voting Rights Act by voting that the state governs the voting procedures in their state without any federal intervention.  But, they didn’t stop there.

According to MSNBC, they have gone completely right wing and handed down decisions that add to the wealth of big business and corporations.  The list is as follows:

“The justices made it more difficult to bring class-action suits against companies, raised the bar for workers to win discrimination claims and protected pharmaceutical companies against people who say they were harmed by defective generic drugs.” Continue reading

Voter’s Right Act Handed Back to State Governance by Supreme Court!

Lyndon B. Johnson enacted the Voting Rights Act of 1965 only for the Supreme Court to find a key provision of the Act unnecessary today with a vote to wipe out the federal government's involvement in state voting practices, Tuesday, June 25, 2013.
Lyndon B. Johnson enacted the Voting Rights Act of 1965 only for the Supreme Court to find a key provision of the Act unnecessary today with a vote to wipe out the federal government’s involvement in state voting practices, Tuesday, June 25, 2013.

A lot of us are in complete shock at the wake of certain racist attitudes and behavior that has been unearthed since President Obama became president.  But none are quite as shocking as government racists that don’t mind “coming out” so to speak.

It was a sad day in legislation on Tuesday, when the Supreme court decided to knock the wind out of the Voting Rights Act almost 50 years to the date after it was enacted by former President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965, by returning the governance of the voting process back to each state.  The key provision that kept the checks and balances of fair play in tact when it came to the voting process and rights of minorities in this country were chopped off in one fell swoop with their vote.

There are no amount of soliloquy’s and/or eloquent speeches we can use here to describe the many lives that have been lost for naught in the decision that could cause this country to repeat a history so completely replete with hatred and dishonor to explain away the racist regard of John Roberts.  But even more ironically, one of his colleagues, Clarence Thomas, which is believed to be an African American agrees with him.  Roberts has expressed his disdain with the provision called option 5 and the Voting Rights Act for at least 30 years, but we can say, that’s understandable.  But of course, Affirmative Action is unnecessary to Clarence Thomas as well.   Continue reading

Supreme Court Rules Swabbing for DNA During Arrest Legal

Monday, June 3, 2013, the Supreme Court rules that it is perfectly legal to swab for DNA during arrests.
Monday, June 3, 2013, the Supreme Court rules that it is perfectly legal to swab for DNA during arrests.

The injustices that are regularly committed in our judicial system may have taken a turn for the worst with new procedures giving more power to officers.

The Supreme Court ruled that taking DNA once a person is arrested is perfectly legal.  It may prevent more crimes and solve many more, but many find this as a breach of their rights that will snowball out of control sooner than later because this procedure is supposed to be for serious crimes only, according to the Washington Post.  The Supreme Court did not unanimously come to this decision. Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia predicts abuses of the new law will follow. Continue reading

Louisiana Gov. Attempts to Block Black Judge’s Move to Supreme Court Chief Justice Position

Justice Bernette Johnson will become Louisiana's first black Supreme Court Chief Justice after Governor Bobby Jindal's attempt to block her seating is denied in federal court.

There’s nothing worse than disguised racism that employees have a hard time proving exists.  Sometimes, the more they try to prove their case, the more suspicious they look.  Just like in sexual harrassment or rape cases, the victim becomes the accused.

But in the state of Louisiana, fortunately past cases of discrimination in government can be proven and used to help Bernette Johnson in her quest to rise to the Supreme Court Chief Justice position for her state.  But Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, is trying to block her ascension due to a technicality that really doesn’t support his case.  The state constitution states that the next supreme court judge with the most seniority rises to the Chief position after the sitting Chief retires….and that’s Johnson. Continue reading

New Jersey Governor Nominates Openly Gay African American Judge

Gov. Chris Christie nominates Phillip Kwon and Bruce Harris to the state's Supreme Court Monday, January 23, 2012.

The state of New Jersey is going into a groundbreaking era thanks to the governor.  The state’s Supreme Court is taking on two new nominees that will truly diversify the high court for the first time.

According to a report from BET.com, Governor Chris Christie nominated Bruce A. Harris, 61, the openly gay African American mayor of Chatham Borough Continue reading

Supreme Court Ruling Releases 33,000 Inmates in California

California, just as many other states, have violent offenders that are trying their best to get an appeal or find some way to prove their innocence…even if they’re not.  But, the Supreme Court made a detrimental decision Monday to dump inmates into the street at an alarming rate.

The Supreme Court’s decision will not go over well with victims’ families or the neighborhoods that will be the recipients of their new neighbors.  Continue reading

Class Action Lawsuits are in Jeopardy with AT&T Case

AT&T is headed to the Supreme Court next week to prevent millions from getting due retribution over phones they claimed were free, but came with numerous charges.  But the lawsuit against them could cause a hefty change for us all.  AT&T is trying to circumvent the lawsuit by attempting to get the nine judges to agree that their contracts, if accepted, cannot be breached by class action lawsuits. They want the Supreme Court to rule that if you take a contract with their company that you cannot be involved in a class action lawsuit against them. Continue reading

Dangerous Sex Offenders Will Be Held Indefinitely

The legal system appears to be doing one right thing by ruling that dangerous sex offenders be kept inside indefinitely.  As we reported in April, they had already been keeping Washington state’s on McNeil Island indefinitely once they completed their stay in prison.  But, now the entire country can go about preparing islands or simply keeping them inside forever.  But again, I digress, and plead for an even harsher sentence of death.  The compromised spirit of young children has to be the worst crime imaginable.  They are defenseless and impressionable and these creatures take their love and use it against them to destroy them.  And we PAY to keep them on a respirator somewhere indefinitely? Continue reading