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NASA Seeks Someone to ‘Protect our Planet From Aliens’…You Down? (Watch)

*This is no joke. If you’ve ever thought about saving the planet, this may be the job for you! According to reports, NASA is taking applications for its ‘Planetary Protection Officer’ position. There’s just one small catch: Whoever gets the job is expected to save life on planet earth (and planets everywhere else) from extraterrestrials.

What exactly does a Planetary Protection Officer do? Honestly, if you have to ask its probably safe to assume you shouldn’t apply. But for those of you who may just be a little rusty and need a reminder, its always good to hear from someone who’s done the job before.
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New Science Suggests A Martian Might Be Your Grandma


*We’ve heard for years, due to the popular best-seller, that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Sisters have gotten a lot of mileage out of that concept. According to new science — and some theories that aren’t so new — we might ALL be descendants of early Martians.

According to some scientists (and the Huffington Post) small biological bits left Mars and migrated to Earth and continued life here. If that’s true, all forms of life on earth originated on Mars.

How did the biology make it to Earth, you ask? I did, too!  The vehicle is called “panspermia”, and it’s not exactly a new theory. According to Seth Shostak (doesn’t his last name also make you think about the Sleestaks from Land Of The Lost??) from the SETI Institute, life migrates from one world to the next on sunlight or inside rocks. More than two millennia ago, the philosopher Anaxagoras was the first to publish on panspermia, but it’s current interest goes back only a century or so, to experiments by the Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius, who theorized that microorganisms might be moved from one planet to another by the radiation pressure of stars.

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