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Woman Removed from U.S. Airways Flight After Refusing to Comply with Crew and Fight with Police (Video)

Lindsay Ben-amie gets belligerent with police officers that are called in on a U.S. Airways flight Sunday, June 24, 2013.
Lindsay Capri Bien-amie gets belligerent with police officers that are called in on a U.S. Airways flight Sunday, June 24, 2013.

If you know you’re not that good with people when you ride on the city bus or subway, then you might want to stay off of planes.  The space is smaller and you’re going to have to follow directions of the crew and sit in close quarters with other passengers.

Lindsay Capri Bien-aime had to be physically removed from a U.S. Airways flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to  Charlotte, North Carolina, Sunday, after crew members complained to authorities that she would not listen to them and was on her “phone the whole time,” according to the raw video another passenger took of the incident and posted by local NBC affiliate WCNC.

The 45-minute delay on Sunday’s flight out of Ft. Lauderdale took a toll on everyone surrounding the incident because the woman was not complying with police and began to curse and fight with them. Continue reading

Father and Son Graduate Morehouse Together! (Video)

Dorian Joyner, Jr., and his dad Dorian Joyner Sr., graduate Morehouse College this weekend.
Dorian Joyner, Jr., and his dad Dorian Joyner Sr., graduate Morehouse College together this weekend.

The graduation season is here and it’s off to a brand new life and career for students all over the country.  Some will be nostalgic remembering their first day of their college journey and being away from their parents for the first time…well, some were left by their parents.

Dorian Joyner Jr., didn’t have that experience when he started his collegiate journey at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.  His dad, Dorian Joyner Sr., joined him.  They were classmates and Junior didn’t mind.  Now, they have completed the requirements to graduate and will officially become Morehouse men walking across the stage with President Obama at the helm of their ceremony. Continue reading

Harlem Woman Jumps to Death with Baby in Her Arms But Child Survives

Steven Dominguez, 18, saw a woman jump to her death with her 10-month-old son in her arms in Harlem.
Steven Dominguez, 18, saw a woman jump to her death with her 10-month-old son in her arms in Harlem, New York.

Some people find it hard to cope with the issues that go on in everyday life, so they seek ways to get out.  But if you’re going to hurt yourself, why hurt your children or others?

Cynthia Wachenheim, 45, jumped from her apartment in The Sutton on West 147th St., while holding her 10-month-old son Keston. Neighbors say she is an attorney in Manhattan and was worried.  There were several witnesses to her fall that will never forget what they saw and the awful sound she made upon impact, according to the report from PIX 11. Continue reading

Mother Pulls Gun on Another Parent Inside Chuck E. Cheese (Video)

Tawana Bourne,30, pulled a gun on a woman in a Connecticut Chuck E. Cheese.

It will be a new civilization that discovers why parents find themselves in their absolute dumbest moments in or around places designed for families.

Chuck E. Cheese is the #1 spot that children find their little hopes and dreams answered (outside of Disney World, that is). But, that little detail was not a deterrent for 30-year-old Tawana Bourne as she threatened another mother in the Newington, Connecticut location with her .380 caliber handgun, according to the Huffington Post. Continue reading

Michigan Mom Takes Plunge While Texting (Video)

Oprah’s message and commitment pledge to no texting while driving was a start to making the nation aware of the extreme dangers that the texting causes.  But now, that message has to be extended to include “walking” as yet another person takes a deadly spill because they were texting while walking.

Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor, Michigan, was enjoying the beautiful weather with a walk with her Continue reading

‘The Burden of Black Boys’ Finally Recognized in America (Video)

For centuries, the black family has been under attack.  From slavery, through emancipation, through the civil rights era– which claimed the lives of two of America’s finest men (Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X), championing the plight of the black community and humanity to prevent tragedies like these– black folks were not quick to call themselves Americans because we have quietly accepted ourselves as “behind enemy lines.”  With the entire nation outraged over the murder of Trayvon Martin, there may finally be a cultural comprehension, by all Americans, of what the black family has experienced historically and presently in this country. Continue reading

Father Hits Son for Not Paying Attention to Obama Speech

President Obama has been a great President and we plan to help him come back to the White House next year.  But, his  State of the Union speeches aren’t exactly on DVR.  But it is in one man’s home.  He makes sure his children listen…or else.

A Stamford, Connecticut man, Mohamed Shohan, 49, taped the President’s speech January 25, and watched it with his son Continue reading

Controversial Discipline Results in Call for Father’s Arrest (Video)

Father prepares to discipline his child with a haircut and more.

There are a lot of children falling by the wayside in our communities and they are being bullied, bullying others, or even losing their lives because of it.  When I was coming up, the proper treatment for some child stepping out of line would be a belt, but more and more parents find that to be a bit too much.

WorldStarHipHop.com posted a video of a father disciplining his son in an old school way.  But, the video has sparked controversy Continue reading