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Mother of Sandra Bland Moves to Waller County, Where Daughter Died: “I’ve Got Work to Do!” (Watch)

*July 13 will mark two years since the death of Sandra Bland, the African American woman who had moved to Waller County, Texas to start a new job; but ended up being pulled over and manhandled by a cop named Brian Encinia for an alleged traffic violation, and two days later, was found hanging in her cell at the Waller County jail. The coroner called her death a suicide, but many, including the family, didn’t buy it.

Out of Bland’s death a movement called Black Lives Matter was born.

Geneva Reed-Veal, Sandra Bland’s mother, recently collected a priority mail box from  the Waller County jail that holds her daughter’s belongings. In an emotional exclusive video, a strong and determined Reed-Veal speaks to reporter Kaitlin McCulley of ABC13 as she reveals the contents in the box. She let’s out a faint sigh as she holds in her flood of emotion and begins to go through the box.  

“This is her sundress. And this is what she changed into the orange garb in,” she explains, telling us that it was the last thing her daughter wore that actually belonged to her. Continue reading

‘Walking While Black, L.O.V.E. is the Answer’ — The Must-See Doc for Anyone Truly Willing to Affect Change (Watch)


*Don’t get it twisted. “L.O.V.E.” aside, this documentary will be hard to take… at least within the first five minutes. It doesn’t necessarily get any easier throughout, but it does shift consciousness along the way, and asks that you do the same.

You may think twice about going to see, ‘Walking While Black, L.O.V.E. is the Answer.’ At least those of you who may find it hard to wrap your brain around anything that immediately brings to mind (and dare I say unites) the words cops and love in the same sentence.

But let me put your mind at ease.

In this sense, LOVE is an acronym for LEARN (about your community and the people in it), Open (your heart to the humanity within), Volunteer (your service and skillset where you live), and Empower (others to do the same).

Created by producer/director AJ Ali and Academy-award-winning cinematographer Errol Webber as director of photography, ‘Walking While Black, L.O.V.E. is the Answer’ features interviews with police officers, faith leaders, educators, activists and more. There is nothing ordinary about this film. It’s a documentary that doesn’t ask that you go to your nearest movie theater and check it out, then file it under the “Oh yeah, I saw that film” category as you move on with your life. It’s a film with a goal in mind. A film with expectations. A film that begs you to stay present (as in aware), as you move forward.

It may cause you to think of something Barack Obama said in his Final Speech as president.

“If something needs fixing, lace up your shoes and do some organizing.  If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself.  Show up.  Dive in.  Persevere.”

You want to see things change as it relates to walking while Black?

This film will test just how bad you want that to happen. Continue reading

Here We Go Again: Another Black Woman Dies While in Police Custody


*Black. Beautiful. Intelligent and only 22-years old, Symone Nicole Marshall had everything to live for, but her mysterious death while being held in the Walker County Jail in Huntsville, Texas seems to have left everyone mute. No explanation has come forth from the police. Nadda from the medical examiner. And even more surprising nothing was reported in the local news. Marshall (shown in photo above) leaves behind an adorable 3-year-old daughter. Her sister, Honey Marshall, says police ignored the severity of injuries she sustained in an automobile accident on April 26. Her car is said to have flipped over several times before landing in a ditch, and she was not allowed to get medical attention and subsequently died.

According to what Symone told her sister, Honey, “someone” ran her off the road.

“My sister Symone moved to Texas for a fresh start in life a few months ago. She was doing good down there, had a job and was about to buy a house. She’s a beautiful person, never been in trouble before and didn’t deserve this,” Honey Marshall said.


According to the New York Daily News, Honey Marshall said…

“When I talked to her from jail, she complained that her head was hurting and she kept blacking out.”

“I called the jail several times and requested for them to take her to a real hospital and they wouldn’t do so. If they would have done this, her death could have been prevented and my sister would still be here. My heart hurts so bad. She was my best friend. I am so angry that they did this to her.”

Police and jail officials declined to comment or release information about the accident to the Daily News. Marshall’s family also said they have not been able to get information from officials.

There are so many questions swirling around in my head over this, I am feeling quite dizzy. First and most significant is why in the hell was a woman who was obviously injured taken to jail in the first place and not to the hospital?


The death of Symone Nicole Marshall is now on a growing list of African American women who have died while in jail and includes Sandra Bland of Texas, Kindra Chapman of Alabama, Joyce Curnell of South Carolina, Ralkina Jones of Ohio, Alexis McGovern of Missouri, and Raynetta Turner of New York.


Nathan Ener, Former Prison Guard, Vows on Camera to Kill Blacks for Shooting of Houston Deputy (Watch)

Nathan Ener makes a public vow to avenge the death of deputy Darren Goforth, "Me and my boys will take care of it."
Nathan Ener makes a public vow to avenge the death of deputy Darren Goforth, “Me and my boys will take care of it.”

*The first thought of anyone in law enforcement looking at this story should be: if anything happens, this man gave us clear warning in advance.

Of course that would assume you gave a damn.

For anyone else, the only difference between Nathan Ener, a former prison guard who once bragged on Facebook about the joy he derived from beating prisoners, and Dylann Storm Roof, the 21-year-old who sat and prayed with nine worshipers in a historic Charleston, SC church before he killed them in cold blood, is Ener let you know his intentions first.

As Ener states in a video that has since been deleted (but not before it went viral) “If you don’t like cussin’ don’t watch this video because I am mad as hell.” Continue reading

Ralkina Jones, 3rd African American Woman in Two Weeks to Die in Her Jail Cell

Ralkina Jones
Ralkina Jones

*Oh no, not again!

First Sandra, then Kindra, and now another woman has been found dead in her cell after being arrested and taken to jail. This time to the Cleveland Heights jail. This woman, whose name is Ralkina Jones, had been taken into custody for going to the workplace of her ex-husband and assaulting him.

She died in her jail cell bed over the weekend, police say. 

An autopsy was performed by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner on Monday and spokesman Chris Harris told HuffPost that “no suspicious injuries” to Jones’ body had been reported. But he also said this was inconclusive because “further studies” were being done to determine a cause of death. Continue reading