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See Kong and Brie Larson’s Tank Top On As Big A Screen As You Can Find


*Back in the old days, you had to wait for summer for a cinematic summer blockbuster. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, thanks to Kong: Skull Island, summer has arrived — at the movies, at least — a few months early.

It only took 84 years for Hollywood to make a worthy successor to the original King Kong. which terrified audiences when it debuted in 1933 as one of Tinsel Town’s first “talkies.” No, I was NOT there…but I’m told theaters had to hire medical professionals to be on hand during screenings, as audiences members routinely fainted when Kong showed up on screen.

King Kong 1

Successors to the king’s throne have always fallen a little short. 1933’s Son Of Kong was cute but not thrilling, the 1976 version was downright cheesy (with a guy in an ape suit in the title role), and Peter Jackson’s 2005 version improved upon the special effects of the original but never found Kong’s heart. And let’s not even mention 1962’s awful King Kong vs. Godzilla.

This time around, they finally got it right. Kong: Skull Island debuts just a week before Hollywood will trot out another “beauty and the beast” tale that’s as old as time, but THIS beast isn’t singing Alan Menken tunes. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: See How These ‘Famously Bald’ Guys Look With Hair (Watch)

LL Cool J rocks that bald head! But check him out in the "now I've got hair" lineup in the video.
LL Cool J rocks that bald head! But check him out in the “now I’ve got hair” lineup in the video.

*Now granted, you may not have spent any serious time thinking about it, but now that the question is being posed, have you ever wondered what guys like action hero Vin Diesel, recording artist/actor Common, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, all-around-talent Tyrese Gibson, NCIS dreamboat/rapper LL Cool J and  the critically-acclaimed Samuel L. Jackson would look like with a head full of hair?

How about celebs such as Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, Dave Chappelle, Dr. Phil, and Michael Jordan. Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Celebrity Face Mashups on YouTube Are Sick! (Video)

YouTube channel FaceMashups, take some of the most unlikely celebrity faces and mash them together for interviews like Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Hopkins.
YouTube channel FaceMashups, take some of the most unlikely celebrity faces and mash them together for interviews like Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Hopkins.

All of the Kimye fans out there must be so obsessed that, since they are unable to see their baby, North West, they called for an alternative…a “mashup.”

If you’re not familiar with the mashup, it’s catching fire on YouTube and we’re going to show you a few examples of the twisted trend that takes it further than putting two faces together, but shows the “mashed” folks giving a full interview or public service announcement while their faces are mashed.  “FaceMashups” is a YouTube channel that offers different celebrity mashups every week. The scariest we’ve seen so far is Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Hopkins. Continue reading

Sam Jackson Nearly Drops F-Bomb on SNL (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson drops in on SNL Saturday, December 15, 2012, and nearly drops the F-bomb.

The Saturday Night Live crew never fails to deliver the laughs…and we most certainly need some right now.  But, the cast had a visitor  that wasn’t billed on the show that abruptly mixed things up…for the fun of it.

Samuel L. Jackson made a cameo appearance that resulted in the biggest laughs of the night, but may have quite possibly cost the network a pretty penny in fines.

During a skit with Kenan Thompson where Thompson is the host of a show called “What Up with That?” Thompson is thanking his guests when he cuts off Sam Jackson and all hell breaks loose. Continue reading

Sam Jackson Supports Obama with Ad ‘Wake the F**k Up!’ (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson (with help from his new friend Suzy) help get folks to the polls for Obama with his role in a new election ad titled “Wake the F**k Up!”

The president’s campaign is doing pretty good right now and folks want to see it stay that way in the face of those who would debase nearly half the country with their remarks that 47 percent of the country doesn’t pay taxes because they’re on welfare or some other assistance.

Well even though Samuel L. Jackson is not a part of that 47 percent he was willing to participate in an election ad sponsored by the Jewish Council for Education and Research that supports the president.  Sam Jackson was probably chosen for the campaign ad because of his straight-to-the-point type style, but somehow we think that this one might not make it on to your television screen.

The video, titled “Wake the Fuck Up!”, is a cross between Spike Lee’s “School Daze” sequence where Dap runs through the campus telling students and faculty to “Wake up!” and the bedtime book that an adult better not ever read to a child called “Go the F**k to Sleep” by Adam Mansbach. Continue reading

Samuel L. Jackson Makes Guiness Book of World Records for Salary

No one has a work ethic like Samuel L. Jackson.  Ever since he signed up with Spike Lee and hit the big screen with the rest of his jheri curl buddies in School Daze, the offers haven’t stopped rolling in.  Who would’ve thought that his small role in that flick would lead to so many others? Continue reading

Air Traffic Controller Caught Watching Sam Jackson’s ‘Cleaner’ on Hot Mic

The people out there that are scared to fly have been scared to fly for reasons just like this.  They’ve been telling us how planes could possibly crash into one another for years.  Well, if they don’t get these air traffic controllers some sleep  that is going to be a reality sooner than later.  One controller thought if he snuggled up to a good movie, maybe that would keep him from dozing off.  Only problem with that was that he let everyone in the friendly skies know what he was doing. Continue reading