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Super Bowl Draws Massive Numbers for Under Age Sex Trade

The Super Bowl has a lot of us thinking about what snacks we’re going to buy, where we’re going to go and watch the game, where is the best restaurant to see the game.  Do you know anyone who is just thinking about where to find children they can have sex with during the game?  This sporting event has pimps everywhere jumping for joy because they do huge business in the under age sex trade.

According to MSNBC, a lot of runaways and those young people who have been abducted make up their employee roster.  Continue reading

Feds Arrest 884 in Child Prostitution Sting

It’s nice to know that some of the sick and depraved of our society are behind bars.  The most deplorable crime imaginable, selling kids for sex, has brought down 884 that were involved in the prostitution of children throughout the country.  The federal sting that went on for three days and ended Sunday, is called Operation Cross Country V and resulted in the apprehension of 884 people associated with the ring, including 99 pimps. Continue reading