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Man Has Heart Attack at Vegas’ ‘Heart Attack Grill’ (Video)

This is the craziest case of irony ever!  It’s equivalent to being at the Heartbreak Hotel with your honey and he goes out to get ice and never comes back.  What is the odds of that happening?  Has it happened to you?

Well, everyone that walks into a restaurant in Las Vegas called the Heart Attack Grill take their chances.  Who doesn’t want to try them out when they see that name.  They know they’re going to get the most graviest, butteriest, sweetest, richest grub of all time.   Continue reading

Heiress Leaves Millions to ‘Loyal’ Nurse (Video)

Heiress nurse, Hadassah Perry, will receive $34 million from her former employer and friend Huguette Clark.

The awful incident we reported yesterday on the two nurses that waterboarded an 89-year old woman in a nursing home helps us to understand how important a good nurse to the elderly really is. 

Huguette Clark was one of the most wealthy women in the world when she died in September, and by her side till the very end was her loyal “nurse, friend and companion,” Hadassah Perry.  Continue reading

Chicago Man Kills Nurse, Uses Wedding Rings to Propose to Girlfriend (Video)

Raymond Harris, 36, is a violent career criminal charged with first degree murder in the beating death of an elderly nurse whose wedding rings he stole and used to proposed to girlfriend.

Chicago is again in the news with a diabolical fiend preying on elderly women for their wedding rings.  This is exactly the type of crimes that give ex-convicts a bad name.  They come out and try to rebuild their lives, but some come out only to take others.

Raymond Harris, 36, attacked 73-year old nurse, Virginia Perillo, and killed her in her garage.  According to Chicago Tribune, the woman was beaten in her head until Continue reading