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Study Says African Americans Health Improves in ‘Diverse’ Not ‘Segregated’ Communities

*Apparently, the neighborhood where you live can have a huge influence on your health. I’m talking even bigger than it not having stores that sell fresh fruit or organic foods. I mean let’s face it: you’re not going to find a Whole Foods or even a Trader Joe’s in a lot of low income communities. A fact I personally consider shameful!  But a recent study has concluded that African Americans who live in segregated communities are, how shall we say, more likely to have issues with their blood pressure.

Now let me quote them, exactly.

“Blacks are more likely to live in areas with fewer opportunities to engage in healthy behaviors and greater barriers to optimal health.”

In a study directed at the issue of how where you live affects your blood pressure, researchers found that when African Americans moved from segregated to more diverse areas, their blood pressure actually improved. Continue reading

Study: Women Who Smoke While Pregnant May Have Gay Babies


Pregnant woman smoking*Yes, a study is behind this news.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Dick Swaab, pre-birth exposure to nicotine can increase the chances of girls becoming lesbian or bisexual. The researcher also surmised that a boy with several older brothers has a higher chance of being gay.

Interesting yes?

Now add stress to that, as it apparently plays a part in sexual orientation, according to Dr. Swaab. Continue reading

Slow Your Roll! Painkillers May Not Be the Answer for Cold or Flu Symptoms!

Painkillers*Listen up! Did you know that painkillers taken to treat fevers could cause 2,000 flu deaths each year in the United States alone?

This, according to a report published recently at the Royal Society by researchers at Canada’s McMaster University.

For years you know we have been advised to “Take a pill and call me in the morning.” I don’t want to mention any names…or titles…but, you might want to think twice about that pill being a painkiller. Continue reading