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Male Rider Robbed in New Orleans By ‘Fake’ Female Uber Drivers (and I’m Pissed!)

Outdated Uber App logo

*I take this shit personal. Why do some people have to make things bad for everyone? There is no doubt that the ride-share industry has changed the paradigm of public transportation. Along with that, a LOT of people now have been given the opportunity to make extra money or even change jobs and take it on full time. No longer do we have to choose enslavement to the outrageous fares of the taxi industry (who by the way are not even trying to be wise competitors by adjusting their high prices). Not only can we now actually enjoy our ride in generally nice, clean cars; we can also usually have pleasant conversations with the drivers while doing so, if we choose. Which is why it pisses the phuck out of me to witness evil people taking advantage of the industry and encouraging suspicion But as crooks will have it, there is always going to be a door for them to enter through.

According to a recent news report said to be gathered from New Orleans police, two women posing as Uber drivers — in the same car — picked some dude up in the early morning hours on Bourbon Street on Saturday. One of the women allegedly pulled a gun on the 22-year-old passenger and relieved him of his debit card and cellphone. At some point the passenger was able to escape from the car and the women sped off. 

Now this is where the story goes south, if you will, and you can’t feel totally sorry for this man.  Continue reading

Missing Teacher Terrilynn Monette Car Found in Bayou with Body Inside

Missing award-winning teacher, 26-year-old Terrilynn Monette's car with a body inside was found in the Bayou St. John, Saturday, June 8, 2013.
Missing award-winning teacher, 26-year-old Terrilynn Monette’s car with a body inside was found in the Bayou St. John, Saturday, June 8, 2013.

The unspeakable terror in a mother’s heart when her child goes missing is only rivaled by finding their loved one in a horrific discovery of their remains.

Toni Enclade’s daughter, Terrilynn Monette was a celebrated, award winning second-grade teacher at Woodland West Elementary School in Harvey, which is located across the Mississippi River from New Orleans, when she went missing March 2.  But Saturday afternoon all of the hope of her safe return to her class and family were dashed with the grizzly discovery of her car with a body believed to be hers, inside, Saturday, June 8, 2013, according to NewsOne.

She had gone out with friends the night before she went missing and drove away alone.  The nationwide manhunt that went from New Orleans to California turned up nothing in all of these months, yet one of the first locations allegedly checked was the Bayou St. John where the car and possibly the 26-year-old teacher was found. Continue reading

Video of Men Drinking, Drugging, Carrying Guns in New Orleans Prison Revealed (Video)

A man brandishes a loaded gun during the videotaping of an average day in Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans.
A man brandishes a loaded gun during the videotaping of an average day in Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans.

Normally when you think of men running around drinking, taking drugs, and carrying guns, you might think of a club in L.A.  But the latest video footage didn’t catch any professional athletes or entertainers in the back of the club, it revealed one of the nation’s tax based country clubs…prison.

Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans, was featured in court and presented on film “to determine whether a federal consent decree is warranted to reform the jail,” according to the New York Times.  After seeing the inmates roam Bourbon Street at night, shoot drugs, drink beer, and brandish a loaded gun, there’s no way the federal judge overseeing the case could not deny the reform and demand firing the entire staff; starting with Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman of Orleans Parish, who runs the jail. Continue reading

New Orleans’ Attorney Drops Joint in the Middle of Court

Assistant New Orleans AttornddyJason Cantrell, 43, busted with marijua while in magistrate cou

Some people pride themselves on being a functional alcoholic or drug user.  They take a sip, smoke and/or sniff during lunch and go right back to work.  Some may get a hit right at their desk, but how about during court?

Jason Cantrell, 43, is, oops! was, an assistant city attorney for New Orleans when he made the mistake of coming to work with his drug of choice…a joint.  He showed up to magistrate court to perform his normal duties and stopped to have a chat with officers.  But mid-conversation, a joint popped out of Cantrell’s pocket and on to the floor. Continue reading

Herbie Hancock Establishes ‘International Jazz Day’ (Video)

Herbie Hancock, 72, kicks off first annual International Jazz Day in New Orleans, Monday, April 30, 2012.

Jazz is the music that belongs to African American culture and has been offered to the world.  It’s pure, richness tells ancient stories of a time only this sound can tell.  The creators of the genre made sure of it.  One legendary jazz giant has decided to honor his beloved music with a proper celebration in its honor. Continue reading

Talented Man Sings About His Crack Addiction, Covers Lyfe Jennings Song (Video)

Unidentified talented singer and crack user in New Orleans videotaped by young black men singing a cover of Lyfe Jennings "Must Be Nice" as "Must Be Crack."

One of the most hopeless exhibitions I’ve ever seen displayed in our community was recently recorded by young black men in a New Orleans neighborhood.  They are probably making fun of this man that would be labeled a “crack head” because they are amused by a song he sings that is an amazing cover of Lyfe Jennings’ “Must Be Nice” as “Must Be Crack.” Continue reading

Former N’awlins Mayor Writes Book About Katrina, Includes His Heroism

New Orleans' former Mayor Ray Nagin

What is going on with these embattled former mayors and these embellished memoirs (that should be novels) they’re writing?  Last week, we reported that Detroit’s former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, was writing a book about his time as mayor and how everyone was out to get him during his administration.  He named names and now so does the former New Orleans mayor.

Ray Nagin was the hope of New Orleans during Katrina.  Well, that’s how he depicts it in his new independently published memoir, Continue reading

Obama Impersonator Taken Off Stage at RLC After Jokes Turn on Republicans

Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown, at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans on Saturday.

The Republicans thought they had their type of guy in the Obama impersonator they hired for the recent Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.  But, it turned out he not only looked like Obama, but could turn the joke on Republicans that attack him too.  He took the time to make some jokes that were interpreted by some as “racist” toward Obama.  But when he turned the tables, to include Republicans, they there wasn’t any tolerance for that.  He was politely escorted from the stage and his mic cut off. Continue reading